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    trucks , meeting other indian riders, muzzloader hunting, riding with the hacksaw tribe

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  1. Big thanks to Ken for all the work that went into this an a really BIG thanks from Longrider and myself for making "Pop" feel like he was part of the family.
  2. Only a few on this forum is from Ar. Than being said it is understandable why so many people are unaware of how corrupt the Clinton's are. we had dealings with the AIDC of which she and Bill were partners, they assumed ownership of a local company. Bought on credit on the companys good name didn't creditors run the company into the ground. Sucked up all the cash, closed the doors and sold off all the equipment. keep in mind this had been a growing business for over 30 years.
  3. Done with voting? Isn't that kinda like surrendering? Isn't that like saying to all who sacrificed their lives for your privilege to vote "it didn't matter"?
  4. We get out that way fairly often will give you a call next time iffin it's not raining,
  5. Upon further reflection of Hasbin's original post and then the reply from Indian True I got to thinkin'. I could just travel around the country (I do that anyway)drop in on any of my Indian Brothers an d maybe be able to get them outta dismal week end chores (for a small fee) So....feel free to schedule a week end without chores. PM me any time to make reservations. Small non refundable deposit required. Will be looking forward to hearing from you. Thx in advance Wildhorse.
  6. I have heard many times since Trumph got in the race "he's to radical, he doesn't act Presidential, 230 odd years were our Founding Fathers radical? King George would have probably thought so, the Torries would have agreed with the King. Were they qualified to run a country? Enough of the same old political corruption. On Hillary......unless you are from my home state you have no idea how corrupt she is.
  7. Does anyone really think one Presidential election will make a difference. At best it might slow the downward spiral. Clearly the elections of 10,12 and 14 have reflected the will of the American people but have those previous election results brought about any changes? Only seven short years ago I was reprimanded for posting a political view. Funny how things can change.RC.
  8. Polaris has taken a que from our Revered President if you don't like those pesky facts simple solution. MAKE UP YOUR OWN SET OF FACTS. Maybe I'll just buy a Honda next time.
  9. Sorry for your loss. Ride safe my Indian Brother.
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