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  1. I went to the museum back in 2011 and I had my Indian Motorcycle jacket on. Dale Walked up to me and my wife and said you like the Indian huh? He then proceeded to start up and very cool 1911 boardtrack racer and then rode it around for us. I always thought he was very genuine, what a shame he was very young at heart. He will be missed by many. Sorry I'm writing this late as I just found out right here.
  2. Thought I post some of the photos from the Polaris Sales Brochure, thought they did a nice job.
  3. Action Suit Over Air-Cooled Engine Heat Advances by Jason Giacchino There is an ever-increasing movement of folks who feel Harley-Davidson has taken the air-cooled engine about as far as it can go. It seems like, without fail, anticipation rises among industry insiders and consumers alike that H-D is finally going to deliver upon rumors of making the move to liquid cooling. Of course back in 2001 when the V-Rod was first announced, it almost appeared as though the air-cooled days were numbered, but in the decade that's followed, H-D has silenced its skeptics by proving the air-cooled E
  4. I'm trying to get Indian's competitiion to spend untold millions in development costs just trying to keep up with the new Flat Head Indian Scout which exceeds all EPA emission requirements and delivers a 19% inprovement in fuel economy. Utilizing a new rider controlled exhaust system will further expections on OSHA noise reduction requirements. Did I say too much here?
  5. Did anyone get the latest survey, I got it yesterday. I found several very interesting and thought the flat head retro look would fit very well in a Sport Scout. That's all I can say as I've been sworn to secrecy
  6. -- Harley-Davidson Inc. more than doubled its profit to $191 million, posting an increase in U.S. motorcycle sales for the first time since 2006 and expanding its market share overseas. This from Yahoo Finance
  7. No not yet I've gotten used to the stock look, not to say I won't get them in the future
  8. I like that Elvis replica I seen photos of the original and that BR bike captures the spirit. I would have considered that for mid $30's. I was looking a new 2009 H-D Deluxe Rossmeyer had loaded up all chrome like Indian has and true duals with performance upgrades for $27K figured the Chief was really much more rare and unique and that's why I went KM.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8nTd7pPaWw Secretly developed in Mexico by Polaris Industries..........................yeah right....or maybe................lol
  10. Great videos !!! Nice spot to be sitting as well I see you a .50 cal ready in case any me109's came prowling. I see the bomb sight was in place. The Confederate Airforce used to do bomb runs with pumpkins in the fall show. My mom worked on some portion the Norden bomb sight during the war at the Bausch & Lomb Factory in Rochester New York, it was pretty secret stuff as she worked all alone in a small assembly room. WWII Move of American factory making 50 cals & propellers
  11. Wow, I certainly picked a topic that several of you have close ties to. Really sad to lose another one, I try to get out to see these old birds myself when they visit nearby. This is one of the few remaining Tuskegee Airman (nice guy) I actually rode Chief 31 up the runway and he was the first guy I taked to. Should have gotten a picture of him sittin' on the Chief. The woman he's talking to (WASP) ferried P-51s and was going to Washington to get her Congressional Gold Medal
  12. Got the motorcycle in the photo above so the post would be appropriate for this forum..............
  13. I couldn't tell differences between engines either. Decent survey with the write in section.
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