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  1. Great Video from Llyodz, The Challenger seems to be a Love it or Hate it from what I have seen and read about. At this point the Engine is the only thing that I like about the bike, although I was under the impression that cams could be changed without moving the engine. I just don't understand why Polaris would design a bike like that, having to be disassembled for repairs. I'm guessing more chargeable hours for the dealers WTF This seems to be typical for Polaris. My Chieftain has the same problem with the engine needing to be dropped down and when I changed oil on the forks I had to re
  2. Glad to hear that your settling in or snowed in. Enjoy your retirement Chris
  3. MrsHarleynot is awsome Thanks for the video D It will be a few years before I can get a new bike but at this point it won't be a Challenger, well maybe if they change the name. Not
  4. So, right out of the gate, smilies irritate my yeast infection. Yeah I'm not touching that one. yikes This is a riders forum not a poser forum
  5. Just saw the new Challenger in person at the IMS Long Beach and all I can say is I like the new engine but the rest of the bike doesn't do much for me. The design looks like it's all over the place, like every department came up with their own design for the fenders, gas tank, saddlebags, fairing and they bolted it together. KInd of a cluster fuck Although the new fender light is kinda cool I was also disappointed with Indians booth seems like they are cutting back compared to all the other vendors there.
  6. Wow this truck is pretty amazing but what's really amazing is that this is the hot topic on an Indian Motorcycle forum right after Indian releases the Challenger. After seeing the New Challenger in person I think I'll take the truck.
  7. Makes you wonder how they missed the piston issue and later on the rod issue. Test Dummy #1338
  8. I wonder how long it will be till the Challenger is actually available. Good to see that Polaris is releasing it
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