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  1. Black Holes ---Big Bangs---Damn this Post was not what I was hoping for--so back to the Forum
  2. Many propane tanks in Paradise, as it is a foothill community and they were blowing up left an right. Explosions woke many of the elderly up. The pine needles that were 6" to a foot deep from years of drought all over roofs and the ground ignited homes easily. 6 to 8" pieces of 2x4 embers flew through the sky from the winds roaring up the 2 canyons on either side of Paradise.Canyons were fully engulfed in flames like a chimney with no damper. Had a friend on the casualty list. Homes that had been cleared of forest debris fared much better especially if they had tin roofs, of which there ar
  3. I live in Chico --Paradise is 20 minutes ride Up the Hill . I can say that only Half of town is torched and they will rebuild---But Paradise was a big retirement community and many younger has moved in over the years due to Home prices about 20% cheaper than Chico where median price was about $325k--- Hundreds of Harley riders lost there Bikes due to leaving them behind trying to save their Lives along with their Fur Buddies--The local MLS only has about 25 homes for sale and people are bidding 30 or more grand over asking price to get in--I am a Real Estate Broker and I can say we are all goi
  4. Sounds like Hella fun -- I wanna tour Americas back-roads to the East side from Cali this summer for our 30th if our asses last past Sturgis.
  5. Maybe that internet license is not legit in your state ---might wanna find out for future references-- wishing U congrats --or off the hook --take ur pick
  6. Dairyland Let me value my 01 scout at 12k sight unseen ---course who knows if Ill get screwed if something happens
  7. Raining like hell in the North. valley so I washed the dishes while old lady at work. I never wash dishes that's what my girls are for, but the girls started back to CSUC, so I'm planning out a twist gear transplant on my scout. Now if I could just list a house to pay for it. Maybe ill get some special Desert for doing dishes.
  8. I have a wide nose bridge also. Wiley X and their web site will give you local retailers-so can try on---probably have in Reno. they are also military issue. Love mine
  9. Yes colon cancer is a real PAIN IN THE ASS--one of my best friends was taken out by it and I hated to watch him suffer for 5 years and he had to wear a Bag---The week of my 50th birthday I had a colonoscopy and they found a small tumor--after flaying me like a Tuna I lost 30 inches of upper colon. Doc said I was one Lucky S.O.B. cause tumor was cancerous and in 18 months or so it would have spread out and Id be a goner--I never would probably have known till it was to late Just like my buddy---so don't FUCK around and go Get er done. The worst part is the Nasty shit you have to drink to ge
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