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  1. ,,, didn't post that site ,,,,, 'cose was worried about "some virus" ,,,,, as we know the situation between USA-Russia is not clear ,,,,,, anyway.
  2. ,,, he wasn't playing 'cose he is not in the team.
  3. Ice Hockey World Championship in Russia USA vs Finland 0 : 2 ,,,, so far
  4. Ice Hockey - World Cup in Russia. USA vs Canada 1 - 3 ,,,, so far.
  5. Lonnie Mack, a guitarist and singer whose impassioned, fast-picking style on the early 1960s instrumentals - Memphis and Wham - became a model for the blues-rock lead-guitar style and a seminal influence on a long list of British and American artists, died on Thursday in Nashville. He was 74. Mr. Mack was a country boy from southern Indiana who grew up on the Grand Ole Opry, rhythm and blues radio, and the gospel music he sang at his local church, influences that he blended as both a singer and guitarist. Alligator Records announced his death but did not specify the cause. I had the chan
  6. ,,,,, Actually ,,,, this was "my" April Fools' Day ,,,,,,,
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