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  1. Jets lettem have one...lol

  2. Junior...remember me, Sal from Monmouth County Indian that never was?

    I just got the primary chromed and the black rubber hoses changed to SS braided. Like you said, the Indian nickel head derby cover would lose some details, but it still looks great.I'll get some pictures and send them to you.

    Sal (Crazy Horse)

  3. Thats great to hear he's okay... Sum fire in that place...
  4. Hey jr where you located in NJ have been up here for a week now. Waiting at Newark for aircraft eng.

  5. "Happy New Year Buddy !!! "

  6. Hey bud, just to let ya know, were having a L.I./CT. ride on 8/22 Scottdog, Eraserhead,Yellow Spirit,335, and a group of CT riders are coming down to L.I. fer the day for a ride and will end up @ my house for a dip in the pool and a BBQ. You are of course invited .Let me know if ya can make it and I'll give ya directions...Luca

  7. You're Cool Bobby...Older Cheefs and your Scout Rock... You know my reason why... Just had to throw the Cheef Jab Though... Junior!!
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