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    Motorcycle's and motorcycle's and motorcycle's all yea I am a drummer. I enjoy playing music. I'm not that good but I just love beating the hell out of my drum's. (LOL) Other than that I'm a pretty easy going person. I enjoy being with family. I also enjoy ridding my Trike. It was a 2001 Indian Scout but since I was hit and lost my leg, I turned it in to a trike. I had a good friend convert it in to a trike. When it is completed, I will post the Pic's. I dont think any body will be disappointed. I hope anyway!!!!. Ride Safe , Peace Out, Indian Rob

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    indian scout trike 2001 indian scout
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    covington ky
  1. rob

    Life is what you make it

    I have a spot on myspace. It is called( Where's my leg ) rob.welch Im not really sure(lol) What the hell do I know about all this P.C. stuff? I played out side:)(LOL)
  2. rob

    Life is what you make it

    Thanks Bro, Im working on it:)
  3. rob

    Life is what you make it

    Thanks Bro. Yea it has been a tought road. We didnt sighn no contract when we came into this world and we wont sighn going out:) Ride Safe and Peace out:) Rob
  4. Yes. I would just like to thank every one for the information that I have recieved on finding a Jacket. I have found one with Rottweller Leathers. Thanks once again, Indian Rob

  5. rob

    Life is what you make it

    Let me start by introducing my self. My Name is Rob Welch. Better known as Rob-o to all my close friend's and family. I have been ridding a 2001 Indian scout for about five year's until some fellow pulling a trialer took me out going around a sharp bend. When I came around the curve he was in my lane. I had no time to react or to get the hell out of his way. When I colided with his trailer I lost my left leg about the knee and compound fractured my pelvis. There fore it severed my femeral artery. I lost 35 pint's of blood that evening. If the C.M.A. Rider's werent be hind me at the time. I would have bleed to death. He took off his belt and wraped it tightly around my stump in which slowed the bleeding down and kept me from pretty much bleeding to death. In the mean time the people who hit me were still sitting in there truck wondering what to do next mind you after they hit me. They went down the road and turned around and came back to the spot of where it had happened. I truely think that if there were no one around they would have left me in the road. So anyway after a month in the hospital and a month in rehab I got to see what was let of the scout. Needless to say I was broken hearted but I never gave up. Not for a second. The first thing that came to mind was how in the sam hell I was going to ride again. So all of ah sudden like a bolt of lightning. I will build it into a trike. I went ahead and put an electric gear shifter on so I could shift the gear's. It is working out fine. I had it rebuilt as close to the old scout as possible. I racked it out 6 degree triple tree. In which it brought it out 39 degree's. Put on drag bar's. Relpaced the rim's with inferno rim's. Replaced the primary cover with a all chrome cover Changed out the seat. All yes. The most important thing was to place three wheel's in stead of two. So you see it just go's to show. Life is what you make it. So you can sit back and have some one come in and wipe your ass for ya. Or you can do it your self. That is the life I choose for my self. To do and to work at the thing's that I feel are important to be able to keep my head held high. Never to look back and to keep looking forward. My Indian Motorcycle had played a very big part in my life. I keep all my brother's and sister's who ride in my daily prayer's. So you see it doesent really matter what you ride. As long as you ride but if I would have it my way. Everyone would be ridding a Indian Motorcycle. What a beautiful world it would be:) Peace out , Rob-o
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