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  1. kinda like another gun control law..... Its already "illegal" to tamper with emmission control systems/devices, and the epa noise/decible limit is a federal statute. So........... what the hell does this do for anyone exactly? Really its like many things on the books, there are laws for everything from spitting, jaywalking, sex in any manner except missionary positions for married people, and on and on. It's what anyone chooses to enforce. Just like "illegal" immigrants. Its been "illegal" forever, whats the debate?
  2. Wile E. Coyote would be very proud of NASA..... take a REAL big rocket, strap it to your ass, and light it. The mere fact that today, with todays technology we cant go to the moon, and could do it 40 years ago is criminal. I don't know what it all means, but just defies all logic. And no, its not NASAs fault by any means. They can do whatever they are allowed to do.
  3. reminds me of an Italian, or South American police bike. and having said that, it looks pretty good, that is, for an Italian police bike.
  4. I got that boogered up, it is the Zippers Thundermax that replaces the control unit with wide band sensors. That setup is around $900. You still have to deal with maps though, its never a plug/play the sensors will make it perfect deal.
  5. Seems like most new Indians have some sort of "stumble", this is something Indian should be all over and the dealers should have a fix to the program or whatever is causing it. That is unacceptable. Everyone claims they are getting fantastic support, while why isn't this being addressed? I am going to the power commander v whenever I replace pipes, the 10's have new smaller 02 sensors that they don't have wide band replacements for yet. the powercommander is the only one (I suppose there might be others) that actually replaces the entire computer/control module instead of being on add-on.
  6. right now, because the 2010 HD is what I got, the issue is "narrow band" sensors. If Indian is using some kind of wide band, they will do more. But the narrow band does small tweeks based on driving conditions. Big changes it cannot compensate for. Mainly though, even if it was some sort of wide band, as has been said, the efi systems do not control off of the 02 sensors. Think of them as a fine tuning. Same as the wrong or stock jet in the carb on your gilroy Indian. It will run lean until you change to a bigger jet. It's the fuel maps (programming) that control the system. The sensors, pr
  7. true dat, it's a misconception that the 02 sensors are controlling the air fuel mixture directly. The the HD maps are based on engine rpm and throttle position predominately (delphi). I assume everyone elses run about the samesystem, cars run that way. You can tell the 02 sensors don't do a whole lot by the fact you can cut the wires to em, and other than the "check engine" light, the engine still runs fine. Not perfect, not great, but runs. If it was that simple, you could put a resistor or modify the o2 sensor reading by percentage of gain and richen things up, or take if from a 14.7 to a
  8. I think it has been established this was just a "styling excersise", or iaw the boys were playing with some pieces parts. I don't think anyone ever even implied this has anything to do with a Scout model. I would assume they are smart enough to use the feedback for Scout development though....
  9. Price on the softail DD6 from Baker website is $3495 btw.
  10. If ya think he is 100% in USA hand making (in Michigan) 6 spd trannies and selling them for 1800 you think Custom Chrome parts are made in Wisconsin,
  11. I here that was one the things that broke Gilroy Indian, see, they have learned
  12. makes me wonder how those cheap asses at HD can afford to do it and sell bikes at half the price
  13. ditto on Baker being the most over rated and over priced motorcycle parts on the planet. What is so great about them? over an s&s over even a HD oem tranny? not a f'n thing. What is the highest priced with NO justification whatsover? Baker. I am all for a good product at a good price. That is how S&S went from a ma/pa outfit out of a garage to where they are today. All ya'll just perpetuate the myth..."oh yea, Baker, thats good shit" because you heard from someone or somewhere, or read it in a magazine somewhere. If ya took the guts out of 6 different trannies and dumped em
  14. Hell a Gilroy Scout was over 18k 8 years ago I will retract/reverse though.... I went for the "over 25K". I think they know they can't do that. I will go with the "20 to 25" group, the base they could possibly do at 19,999 just for the price break of "under 20", but who ever wants the "base" version of anything. I nice one should hit around 22k. As always, any comparison to HD is a loose/loose for Indian, you can only debate on style alone. Harley has over 100 years of continuous production. The Sportster 48 is a hot one, and doesn't stay in the showroom long. It's old school, fat
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