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  1. i hear ya brother run and run fast and dont look back .....
  2. so far we are all screwed on the indians its actual cash value up to what ever the policy says but the bottom line is bluebook , we total one we will fight for 5 or 6 grand , its to new for the specialty companys ,still looking tho ,i will report back soon ..
  3. my insurance is thru foremost and only goes by book value which on a 2001 centennial chief is probably 6- 7000 dollars ,does anyone use a company that has a higher agreed value? hell i have that much in restoration . progressive is already a big no . any help i appreciate it .
  4. for sure but we leave out and follow the coast south for beer and oysters
  5. if anyone has Florida on their mind , the spring rally at Panama City Beach is coming up April 27---thru May 2 , it is a biker friendly place , never issues that i have seen just oysters and beer ,hell take the kids no problem . just throwing it out there . Tracy
  6. thanks Bish you hang in there and enjoy every day brother !
  7. i want to thank everyone of my brothers and sisters on here for the prayers and thoughts for the passing of my best friend and wife Terrie .i have always been treated with more respect and honesty from here than my own family .its lonely and i despise it but nothing i can do. if anyone here ever needs my help or a shoulder to lean on i will be here for any of you . thank you - glassguy (Tracy Burton) as Terrie always said lets ride . .cancer sucks
  8. i truly thank everyone of you ,i know its a indian forum but sometimes it helps to just let it out .i have lost my dad ,grandparents and others but it was never the pain of losing someone that you are around 24-7 my shop is at home so we were together all the time . i was strong around her ,i talked to her till the end telling her it was ok ,she was tired and deserved to rest and be pain free .i kept kissing her forehead and holding her tight ,i think she felt it was ok to let go ,i told her we would make it ,she did a great job ,then she was gone . then i fell apart and have cried for days .
  9. al. i do not ever wish this pain on my worst enemy ,thank you ,and it truly sucks
  10. Dave i will ,i would love some indians going into the mountains to fulfill a last wish ,maybe others are interested and it could be a run with a true purpose
  11. thanks josh very much ,your mom has also been a amazing friend to us and was there at the end
  12. thanks you all my brothers and sisters ,you messages and thoughts and prayers have helped more that you would ever know .im in the shock ,she will walk in the door stage right now ,but it never opens ..........
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