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  1. I think the three motor will be for the most part, these things use a motor at the wheel to drive it, no drive train parasitic loses that way. Two front motors, one each wheel, and one rear motor ?
  2. They are trying to create hype, in a saturated market of short attention spans. Not falling for it again, hype and let down cycle is over for me at this point. The roadmaster I bought in 2015 really was something apart from the rest of the large displacement open road market, not much has happened since then in my humble opinion. Something like a four, would be exciting but another v-twin, meh.
  3. Well , for one miss that smiling face of yours. Anyway you might see yourself in Texas in a couple months for some riding ? Does a soul good .
  4. Hows it going up there in the great white north Pete ? We got so much snow out here Tahoe way, that it won't all thaw over this summer. LOL https://www.tahoedailytribune.com/news/lake-tahoe-snowpack-best-in-the-western-united-states/
  5. Yeah, this is true, but as my body wore out sexy became way less important.
  6. Tappet base cover chrome peeling, eh, no biggie, pull the motor and replace the piston rings as part of getting the pushrod tubes off, cuz ya gotta pull the heads and jugs. Good stuff, just pull the motor twice, cause now it sprays oil from the pushrod tubes. Yeah i had some issues, but I still like this bike more than the gilroy. Polaris bought my first 2015 back it had so much crap going on, only took em 9 months. I would still get another Indian though, it's in your blood they say.
  7. Snowed high up, but we just got tons of rain down where mere mortals thrive.
  8. Come on ! Break out the good pics, I know you got more.
  9. Going wheeling in the rubicon this weekend, their calling for a half foot of snow , sure hope it warms up by ride time we gonna need chains up in purgatory.
  10. Costco is my go to booze place, they got all the good stuff at half the price.
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