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  1. Don’t let anything happen to that mplate! need to catch one more ball game with that old fellow!!!
  2. Yeah I’ll be here for three weeks working at the Goodyear plant
  3. Now i'm hungry, and inspired! Indians face the Royals 26-30 to finish the season . going to catch a game or two . . Any good advice for chow there Mike ?
  4. Hey Thanks for the input, I see there is a rally in the ozarks coming up Bikes, blues, and bbq September 26-29. Think Ill catch some of that. Maybe a ride to Oklahoma this weekend . Colorado Springs 1st week of October. Did some skeet shooting north of park City with a friend , lot of fun.
  5. Working in the middle of America for a month or so. Pulled the bike down for some riding time on the weekends, Any good places to go down here ? Dropped the bike off at the Indian dealer for a once over ,and a clean up from the drive down, Seemed pretty willing to get the ole Gilroy taken care of. Might even take a ride to Colorado Springs on a 3 day weekend, Any suggestions would be helpful Thanks, Red
  6. Stay with fossil fuels , at least the atmosphere farts, Batteries recharged or not will fill the earth and never leave. Clean burning NG ?
  7. Got another Damn Chief !

  8. Just stopped to say hello,

    hope things are well with you.


  9. Hello, I'm working on a couple deals close to home, if they fall through,I'll check back with you. Thanks for the info, AL

  10. tryin to get another damn chief...

  11. Well, at least I have some kind of Indian to roll with...GO TRIBE !!!
  12. Fuck there beliefs They didn't care about ours when they killed innocent people..
  13. Agree, I shouldn't see wires...looks bad, A set of black taped RipSaws would look killer on it to.
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