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  1. Bah Harbaa as the Mainiacs would say... Just before you cross over to the island on 3 there is a couple of great little fisherman restaurants. In town Gettys is a cool little pub on Main street. Acadia park is a great place too. If you really want to get away and do some fly fishing Grand Lake Stream is the place. I rode my bike up from Florida and stopped at a gas station there on an Indian Reservation. The Chief of police came out of the station and ask if I would wait a minute. He called his wife who brought a camera so he could have a picture of him sitting on my Spirit. If riding be
  2. 3-4 years.... blah blah blah.... way behind the curve.... step up the pace or roll over... good biz is by the minute, not years... Don't get me wrong... I would never trade my Indian in... best bike I've ever owned... after thousands of dollars to get her running right... and over 120K on her to date... just stirring the pot... and making you think. Innovation is what makes me tick...
  3. When will Indian go electric? Are they already behind the curve? Do they need help designing a bike that meets the requirements of today's young riders? Why can't they cut the fossil fuel mind set? A good electric sport bike and cruzer would keep them in today's market. No innovation? No forward thinking? I could care less about a different paint job or plastic looking petrol engines, boring... Maybe Elon could help them? An Indian drone? Never touching the road. Now that would be cool... A bike that won't rust or chrome that flakes out, optional clip on attachments like my yard engine, (we
  4. Good day... Well it's time to replace my battery again. Florida is not kind to batteries. Even though I ride a lot, 120K on the Spirit, I still place it on the tender when it sits for more than a couple days because of our heavy afternoon showers, which like to start when it's time to leave work. I've been using AGM for the last few years. I average one to two years on a battery. I'm thinking maybe Lithium. Any comments? I have done my research and of course the cost is the top of the dis-advantages. But if it lasts even twice as long down here I'm spending the same amount.
  5. Happy birthday friend... Hoping the next orbit around the sun is an awesome one... Looking forward to our next ride....
  6. It's about time... I want an electric CRUISING cycle with torque that can snap my neck. Make me hang on and not have to look at the Tach to make sure I don't blow the fossel fuel burning engine... Of course it will have to have a good sub woofer so the blue hairs know I'm beside them, and forward lights that will stop a train in its tracks, rotating colors, or virtual lights that make me look like a Peterbuilt to catch the cage driver's eyes... I hope they employ a good Engineer that can design a sharp looking cycle that shows off a classic Indian style with an electric power train and a fi
  7. Let me know if you ride south for a bit...
  8. I'm on Merritt Island. Bee bop was in the Tampa area.
  9. LOL, nice video... Yup she took half but it was worth it... You are correct, lifter started it... over 50K on them... will know better next time...
  10. I'll try for the 18th too. Being sent to Houston next week but will return by the weekend.... Cell is 321-544-5105
  11. Well lots been happening here at the rocket ranch... Cleaning up the space shuttles and sending them off to museums. What a waste... I've officially moved over to the Orion team and looking forward to seeing the first flight hardware to start arriving this summer. Worn roller rocker took out my cam in December and overheated my rear piston. 54K miles on this one... It lasted longer than the S&S (32K miles). I would of thought I would of heard the tap before it went out???? I guess to much Rock n Roll drumming in my younger years. Brought it back to Frank. So far so good, I've put
  12. I'll be riding up this Sunday... Let me know if you would like to meet up...
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