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  1. and you gotta love the hometown boy with the walkoff home run in game 6 and the series MVP.......doesn't get any better than that!!!!!
  2. LOL!! yeah, that guy was a real winner!! Haven't run into him since then.........and that doesn't bother me one bit!!
  3. they weren't designed FOR women........they were design for ATTRACTING women!!!!!!!! what kinda knuckleheads you hanging out with tonight? LMAO!!!
  4. gotta love Uncle Ted......He is my personal hero!!!!!!
  5. Just had this brought to my attention and thought I would share..... Indian Liquidation not really much there......but you could own a genuine KM picnic table!!!
  6. Buddy of mine posted some pics of your bike (well I guess it's yours) at Crazy Horse today on his FB page. Just thought I would share your celebrity with you!! LOL! Jeff
  7. ....and if anything weird happens in Saudi Arabia............$5.00 a gallon which is exactly what the "green energy" folks want........
  8. we're probably within 5 minutes of each other..... I'm right off dietrich rd near incline village....
  9. flaunt show doesn't quite work in a fully lit smoke free arena! biggest problem with the show was no Indians!!
  10. yup, definitely need to thin the herd in this case.....douchbags
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