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  1. Looking through old posts I just ordered a set of Samson true dualls the lady there said Samson was now owned by a Canadian, its a bit pricey for us buying out of the States as our dollar is only worth 80cents it has been at 75 cents for a long time Afterfour(Rick)
  2. The company building the XL line in Alberta to the U.S. border just laid off 1000 workers my neighbour was one of them he had a 2 year job building 8 pump stations. Plus the lost income for all the small towns that were housing the workers. Afterfour(Rick)
  3. Legal all across Canada more stores then there are McDonalds or 7/11s Afterfour(Rick)
  4. Hiding from the public because he doesn't know how to do his job. Afterfour(Rick)
  5. Yes that is Joe from Buffalo Air he was on one of the reality shows a few years ago, flew all over the north and the western provinces. I have friends that were at his shop and they said he was a great guy showed them around, That is a 2001 Centennial Garlic Indian according to my buddy, the same one I have. Afterfour(Rick)
  6. We just had one last weekend after the Santas Toy run she ran into a Jersey barrier on a small curve , I think it was rider inexperience, Two weeks ago a crotch rocket going to fast missed the turn and his passenger was killed, same weekend a bike high sided on a curve and hit a car, I hate riding in the city too many bad drivers, I ride like they are all out to kill me. Afterfour(Rick)
  7. I talked to Guy today about pads 7182 Zee or as we say in Canada 7182 Zed , Guy said the Lyndall 7182 Gold is best especially for 2 up riding. Afterfour(Rick)
  8. On the dish I think, say hello to Lawrence for me we never went south this year as our dollar is only worth 74 cents against the US dollar. and with the service charge to buy US money it is only worth 70 cents. Good time for Americans to come north. Afterfour(Rick)
  9. The TV show "Once upon a time" is back on with Pinocchio riding around on his Chief. my wife watched it last night. Afterfour(Rick)
  10. Had cataract surgery a month ago instead of putting in clear lenses and having to wear glasses again I had Optic lenses put in at a cost of $1500 no more glasses, just for reading. My son had Lasik surgery done 15 years ago and now has trouble with night driving might have to go back to glasses. I am looking for some type of sunglasses or maybe goggle to keep the road crap out of my eyes. I will ckeck out all the options posted on here. Afterfour(Rick)
  11. A few days a go a couple from Edmonton Alberta with there 2 Grand daughters were heading to Nevada and Cali there truck hit black ice near Lima MT and flipped the lady passenger was killed. I run winter tires on my Avalanche even though it is 4 wheel drive. Afterfour(Rick)
  12. Keep the snow up at Park City we will be passing through Salt Lake City on the 27th Afterfour(Rick)
  13. Christmas eve her in Edmonton Alberta -15 Celcius no riding for 4 more months, that's it driving to Vegas on the 26th . No presents until the Grandaughters come over in the morning. Have a Merry Christmas. Afterfour(Rick)
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