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  1. CK was definitely a character and fun to be around. He'll be missed but Lord knows he's raising cane up there now!
  2. Other than simple dish detergent, water, and elbow grease, I like Luster Lace. Small strips that have cleaner built in and you just wrap around the spokes and pull back and forth.
  3. He does not keep his paycheck as POTUS. https://thebl.com/politics/what-agencies-did-president-trump-donate-his-salary-to.html
  4. Looking for someone that would be willing to take a look at a travel trailer that's for sale there to confirm it's valid and worth the buy. PM me or email me at kevin@jkdenterprises.com Thanks in advance!
  5. from AR? My wife saw on FB that he passed but no reason posted. Not sure if he goes by Longrider or if that's Richard. Sad to hear. We were looking forward to seeing him at the Gregory 500.
  6. And it was an ugly color IMO. Nothing "DARK" about it.
  7. R. Lee Ermey was buried with full military honors yesterday at Arlington National Cemetery. Link He died April 15, 2018 so this shows you the backlog/wait time to get buried at ANC. Active duty obviously has priority and can get in faster after passing but a 9 month wait is not unusual. Rest In Peace Sarge!
  8. No, we never left VA. SC/GA was the first plan then the rains hit. So we switched to Maine. Then it looked like snow/rain was going to hit there so we ended up not going anywhere.
  9. Even worse my wife said she saw on FB that the Ride to the Barn is happening now. Guess we could've tried to mix that in! Oh well, maybe next year.
  10. I kind of figured that's how it would turn out. Problem for us was just getting through NC to get to GA/SC. Hearing about all the road closures in NC and the continued rain just made us leery about heading south.
  11. Well, best option was to have a stay-cation. Flooding continues in NC and moving into SC and apparently the "high" season in Maine doesn't end until about mid-OCT (after the leaf watchers depart). So we decided to stay home and relax (and save some money!).
  12. So, the wife and I currently have plans to visit Savannah, GA 23-26 SEP and then be in Charleston, SC 26-29 SEP. QUESTIONS to any/all that live in the area and are in the know: Did the hurricane tear Charleston up enough to change our plans? And: Are the hotels so packed with folks that fled the hurricane that we should give up our reservations to those that may need a room more than we need to visit? Next thought: If it seems best that we change our plans we have decided to head north to Maine (with short stops in Philadelphia (just to see historical stuff) and Boston (to eat clam
  13. You need to try and get ahold of Hork. He lived there for 20 years I think. Just moved back home to Ohio.
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