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    Bike is IMCOA and a blk&wht C7 Vette. --------- My Cowboy Action name is, Indian joey.
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  1. Sad news to hear. RIP. me ride um Centennial [MRUC] into a six foot pine box
  2. me ride um Centennial [MRUC] into a six foot pine box
  3. Hey COBB! How ya doing?

  4. Shame on all you guys. me ride um Centennial [MRUC] into a six foot box
  5. Danny f wants to meet u in yer garage tonite at 11:30.
  6. Or.................raise the price. me ride um Centennial [MRUC] into a six foot pine box
  7. "So does that mean you will take 5K for your bike?? Windshield, bags etc ?..." BTW. It's an extra never used 2001 Indian windshield still new in the box. Also, I would include a lot more extras than those mentioned above. Too many to put here. But, has to be 5K cash. This is a limited time offer.... won't last long before I change my mind and decide to keep the Centennial. me ride um Centennial [MRUC] into a six foot pine box
  8. My great preference would be to buy a new Scout with sidecar and keep the Centennial too. O yeh I'd also prefer a friendly reliable Indian dealership within reasonable reach on the Scout. None of that is gonna happin including getting between 5 and 10K for the Cent. So looks like I get to keep the Cent. me ride um Centennial [MRUC] into a six foot pine box
  9. O yeh. Tires r brand new 888's. Metz or Conti's I think. Peace out.
  10. above post probly belongs in Marketing section. Others will probably chime in on this too.
  11. Between 5K to 10K offer (in as is condition) for well maintained 19 year old Indian IMCOA machine (true Limited Edition with Factory issued Certificate of Authenticity) doesn't seem unreasonable to me. Show me the money. ORIGINAL OWNER. BTW I'm not expecting a transaction but.....hey surprise me. Here's a recent pix of my 2001 (Centennial Chief LE 0091/2001) bike...with brand new Michelin tires shown below. Includes complete and extensive maintenance history paper work etc. Shown below without extras. All recent work and upgrades/updates [carb rebuild, fuel lines, LEDs, etc
  12. I am unable to let my thread go without posting this: Leonard Siffleet
  13. Me ride um Centennial [MRUC] into a pine box
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