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  1. off subject: RIGHT NOW...Dr.Strangelove, on TCMHD TV. One of the best.....IMHO. me ride um Centennial [MRUC] into a six foot box
  2. I continue to see people riding Indian® mc's mostly around Corona, Malibu, Neptune's Net, Lincoln Blvd. etc. Would not call it an active group though. I know of Lawrence B. in Corona and Tony C. in Rancho Cucamonga (SP). Have not visited THE SHOP (Ventura) in quite a few years. But, that's another story. So, Indian mc's are around greater los angeles area today. Don't know if there is a "good" Indian only dealer/service operation in the area which kinda sucks too, IMHO. me ride um Centennial [MRUC]
  3. RIP me ride um Centennial [MRUC]
  4. As an old Forum guy once said, ' F'em n feed em beans.' me ride um Centennial [MRUC] Edit:
  5. Past couple years these Partagas Presidentes (shown above) has bin my main go to units. Look cool plus nice and mild taste. Get em from a friend of a friend. Seems I just kinda lost interest in POT. me ride um Centennial [MRUC]
  6. Years ago I got cured of that nasty Pot stuff. Does anybody have some? me ride um Centennial [MRUC]
  7. https://www.indystar.com/story/life/2017/11/21/time-hitlers-mercedes-eva-brauns-undies-came-indianapolis/880705001/ me ride um Centennial [MRUC]
  8. Rampage: Believe Scotia was location where the "violent" Netflix series Trailer Park Boys took place (which I enjoyed) and sounds eerily familiar. This rampage, Link given below, is terrible news to hear about though. A. https://www.aol.com/article/news/2020/04/19/16-killed-in-shooting-rampage-in-canada/24039489/ me ride um Centennial [MRUC]
  9. Interesting. After trying some forum features such as, deleting Album photos, it appears to be missing from Album Tools. I keep copies of anything important off line. me ride um Centennial [MRUC]
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