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  1. Great speech by Donald Trump last night. Very patriotic and positive. The lame stream media primarily zeroed in on potential super spread of Covid becaue of the delegates siting so close together. Unbelievable
  2. the "Great American Past Time " is dead to me. Issue an official apology or kiss my ass.
  3. Mike, there is a problem with your hemoglobin/hematocrit due to the renal failure The treatment is an injectable medication called "Procrit" With the real failure you lack a hormone that makes you make hemoglobin. Get on this med! Best wishes to you my friend, -Doc
  4. Shut this nonsense down Send in Nat Guard. This is unlawful assembly with intent to riot. Inform these animals that you do not engage the troops.You do not taunt the troops. You better avoid the troops.
  5. Hello Mplate! Sorry to hear of your health woes, but great to hear from you. Doc
  6. So.... you can have the virus and have no symptoms, OR you can have all the symptoms and not have the virus. Thus you can be sick but not have the virus, or not sick and have the virus. OR you can be sick and have the virus and not sick and not have the virus, unless you do. Is that correct?
  7. VE day, Pres. Trump lays a wreath at Tomb of the Unkown. Remember when the Kenyan did that? Yeah, me neither.
  8. I cannot navigate this new site.......(lost in the hills...)
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