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    Nuclear fission. Alien abductions. Government conspiracies. Anything negative about Hiliary Clinton(BITCH!!) Red heads.

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  1. Fuck you moron. You think this shit is funny? Tech wins.China wins. You don't like Trump? I don't give a shit. How the hell you like Biden? You make me embarrassed to be an American I hope I never meet you.
  2. Remember that feeling you got when the second plane hit the twin towers and you realized what was going on? You should have that same feeling again right now.
  3. OK, down to the wire. Red wave coming! Career politicians and the media are the enemy.
  4. "If he wins it will be a tragedy and a travesty to our democracy. The rich will become sickening more rich, the less fortunate will become more down trodden & impoverished. Our country would become more divisive - more divisive than he has already made it. " C'mon man ! Thats Malarkey ! I cannot name one thing the Demidiot politicians have done in the past 4 years for the American people. All this division and anarchy stems from them.
  5. Bent fork? Leaking fork? Bent rim? Misaligned rear wheel?
  6. XV62, only way Dopey Joe can win this is for the Demidiots to steal it. Like they will in NJ. We are NOT allowed to vote in person, no where ,nada, zilch. Mail in only. We can do everything else in person, just not vote. What a crock of sh&t.
  7. Great speech by Donald Trump last night. Very patriotic and positive. The lame stream media primarily zeroed in on potential super spread of Covid becaue of the delegates siting so close together. Unbelievable
  8. the "Great American Past Time " is dead to me. Issue an official apology or kiss my ass.
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