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  1. Seeing Rush play was always a treat - especially in the amphitheaters on a warm summer evening. Amazing the number of people attending the concert as well as the various age groups. In the 80’s & 90’s I attended with high school and/or college friends but everywhere you looked there were numerous groups of friends who hailed from either the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s = always a good show. NP was a huge motorcyclist sometimes riding from show-to-show and IMHO one the best drummer ever- fine lyricist too. Glad I was able to hear him play live a number of times.
  2. Outstanding! Post some pictures. I took the family a couple years ago and had an absolutely fabulous time - can only imagine how cool it would be seeing Italy on a motorcycle. Congrats NC-Chief
  3. Finally was able to get my '02 Chief out for a 100 mile ride yesterday - outstanding weather! You know when you still love your bike when you're at the last 10 miles of the ride and you keep trying to come up with reasons why you "need" to extend the ride and arrive late to the upcoming dinner party. I love that Chief - definitely worth the fussing from the wife for getting home late! NC-Chief
  4. But of course, where else would those lucky enough to have a Kings Mountain Indian ride? I need to upgrade to a KM....... Love the PP100 look.
  5. Already deleted from my play list = so tired of companies and non-resident entertainers meddling in state social matters! Let the residents of a particular state decide via the ballot box.
  6. Absolutely outstanding! Great pictures - thanks for sharing. I've never taken my Blackhawk rebuild for such a journey (i.e., always something else taking up my time), but need to rethink my priorities! Well done. NC-Chief
  7. Pete Cecilia is beautiful - congratulations! You and Deryl have to be so proud. Darren
  8. Dthorny - years ago my wife and I stayed at The Enchanment in Sedona (i.e., nestled in the red rock canyons). Wow - what a great place. Have you been there in awhile and is it still an incredible place? I left my golf clubs at The Boulders where my meeting was being held and have always regreted it. Nothing like AZ in the Fall! Thinking about a "get-away" trip for us later in the year. NC-Chief
  9. No worries - hope you can make it back to NC/VA/WV soon. Regards
  10. Although it is a slower ride, taking the Skyline Drive from Front Royal VA onto the Blue Ridge Parkway is a fabulous route - albeit long! You can easily stop in Maggie Valley at the southern end of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Wheels Through Time Museum is a "must" if in the area. The southern end of the Blue Ridge Parkway is a great area as you can ride the Tail of the Dragon or the Cherohala Skyway. Enjoy!!!! NC-Chief
  11. Great comments - over the years I've spent a lot of money in the service departments of Indian of High Point; Indian of Charlotte, Blackhawk and a couple other independent shops. I've received good service from every place I've taken my Indians. I have appreciated the extra care given to my bikes and hopefully every mechanic/dealer has appreciated my immediate payment for the services provided. I am always happy to pay for good service. I am thrilled to have a local Indian Motorcycle dealer and hopefully more of my friends will start riding Indians now that they have a local option.
  12. I suspect that other large cities will have dealerships as well (e.g., Raleigh) - but Charlotte is the Flagship. Awesome to have both in the area!
  13. The Business Journal - Triad announced the opening of an Indian Motorcycle dealership in downtown Greensboro, NC by mid-April. Who would have thought that an Indian dealer would be within 5 blocks of my office! What great news for a Friday. Ride safe, NC-Chief
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