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  1. I feel I should finish this story... I now have 4 motorcycles in my garage... but only 3 of then have Indian Chief fenders on them... The mentioned 1500 Chief Intruder... (based on a Suzuki Intruder 1500 that I have had since new in 1998.) I did as the Rolliing Stones said... and did "Paint It Black" It was supposed to be black and CREAM... but the painters "misunderstood". A "StarChief" (based on a Yamaha RoadStar 1600, with, among other things Roadhouse Doulies, and various Kuryakin custom stuff.) StarChief riding through Indianapolis.
  2. *ahem* yeah, I was kinda just refering to the new Indians (after Polaris took over)... I think this might be the first of the "new Indians" in tv episodes. but yep, there have been in a number of movies with our bikes in ... Did anyone ever collect then together? I did one about "Biker Movies" but the most notable there would be "The World's Fastest Indian" "The Indian" ... surely soon the new Indians will start making more appearances. (hope) Yours, Thor Centennial Chief riding though the Amish farmland in Wisconsin. ... it was a good time.
  3. I don't want to spoil the episode for anyone, but the "Vessen Hit Man" possibly gets what he deserves... but NOT at the hand you'd expect! ;-) *ahem* Its always a pleasure to see Indian Motorcycles in movies and tv shows. "More like this, please." Yours, Thor ... "on a cold and grey Chicago morning" (as Elvis sang)... "A Centennial Chief riding Thor takes gas... in the Ghetto...(in the Ghetto)"
  4. In case people were unaware, in the newest episode of Grimm (Season 04 Episode 12) the villain rides an Indian Chieftian. Thought some of you might want to know of this. Nice (& about time) to see an Indian make it into a TV show. Yours, Thor
  5. Hey! I've been away a bit... Where is your house? I stayed with a frien don a farm in Wisconsin, but my Amish plan didn't work out. Sadly the guy who I had heard about at the Mendota Pow Wow in 2008 had moved elsewhere. He let those they refer to as "English" rent / stay with him! ;-) Also, the head "Pastor" didn't much like the look of my 2001 Centennial Indian Chief... What's NOT to like? I got Amish Black clothes... Amish goatee... Amish respect... Amish love for farms... ... still he wouldn't let the Wolf loose among his flock!?! Guess I better wear my sheepskin next ti
  6. Hey there... I am not familiar with that brand... YET... (hehe) but you can bet I will be checking them out, now! (moments later) HEY! Just found a site that has one... I BET YOU - THIS WAS HIS INSPIRATION: http://www.exilecycles.com/index.php?section=19 It looks EXACTLY like his bike!!! ;-D Well spotted! Excellent! - Also... Very cool to see you are riding one of the new Kings Mountain bikes in your signature pic. I'd love to hear more about how you like it, and stuff. Yours, Thor
  7. Oops! I don't know... I THINK he had an electric start... and the kick is just in case that doesn't work? I am just guessing here. I've only seen the bike once. - Lots of old Harleys have alternative kick starts, up here. They are that old. People tend to hang onto their bikes here... and the kids inherit it from their fathers, sort of thing. - but I know that a lot of kids (and widows) tend to sell the Triumphs and other bikes they inherit. - I keep bumping into the guy who bought the 1100 Honda Shadow off my bro's widow. Kinda sad to see it survived longer than he did. :-/ So are things, s
  8. Hey there Doc... It's the bike of a metalsmith friend of mine, but he is a slow-but-gradual worker, it seems. Many had doubts it would ever get done (including me *ahem*) -... but I am glad it is finally accepted as being roadworthy. That means he will have many years of riding the bike ahead. - He calls it a "Bobber"... but the vehicle registration registered it as "Custom Indian" cos of the engine. So, that's atr least 1 registered Indian in Iceland. I know of 2 unregistered Chiefs that are standing in warehouses. People have suggested I take one of them off the hands of these art lovers!
  9. Update on the bike... (finally?) It is FINALLY finished enough to RIDE it. (Sorry about the poor lighting, but it was taken at night... and (I feel great honour over this) he said: finished or not finished he HAD to ride it to town that night, since he heard I was there! haha... (My love for Indian is well known in Iceland) - I am also very flattered by this! - (Mind you, this is the same guy who had my Chief fenders for 2 years, and hardly did any work on them, so perhaps there is some small "guilt" at work there? haha!) - Never mind that, he's a great guy, really, and I haven't paid
  10. (There are so many settings on this forum. I am slowly makeing my way through the settings.)

  11. Looking forward to seeing this. In case people were unaware there have been several interesting reviews of the new Chiefs in motorcycle magazines... and a few on YouTube. Examples: LA Times: and MotorcycleUSA:
  12. I was in Minneapolis, Minnesota last year... and have a hidden agenda, really... The friend I stayed with last time is selling his house... The one I stayed in last time... It's really 2 apartments, upstairs and downstairs... and both is neighbours live in 1 million dollar villas... There are even some more for sale just down the road (Sibley Memorial Highway, Mendota Heights)... I can't afford the million dollar mansions, but I could afford his house! hehe... The only thing I am NOT looking forward to about his place... is he terrible snow in winter... That's what I'd want to get away from up
  13. Yep, for sure... I'll drop you a message... Feel free to SMS me at my phone, so I can call you when I get up there... My phone number... 502-517-2965 and my eMail thorstar@gmail.com Its one of these $20 Wal-Mart phones, but does what its supposed to. It was great to see you and your bike last time, and I look forward to meeting up with you again. Yours, Thor
  14. Yeah... About the "Ciccadas"... Someone said it was WEIRD that I chose to come over in the year they hatch! I gather they only come out every 17 YEARS... and it really HURT when one hit me in the face at full speed yesterday! - I thought I had been SHOT! It got me right between the bandana and the sunglasses... OUCH! It was HUGE!
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