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  1. So does that mean you will take 5K for your bike?? Windshield, bags etc ?
  2. Hullo Peter. Lets go ride as soon as we can. I got a front fender being painted, and a new clutch ordered, but Baker doesn't have parts. I will have the old one in for Florida in March 9th I guess. You going to be in Daytona?
  3. Indian Lover and I will be in Palataka ( 1 hr north ) for an ATV race 3/9 to 3/12 if anyone is getting together . Let me know. Thanks, Bob
  4. You coulda ordered thar stuff from me you know. I can lie to you as well as anyone else------well most anyone.
  5. Neutral ?? WHO the Fuck wants a NEUTRAL reputation ??????

  6. what a dumbass !!!

  7. 47. pretty cool, huh?

  8. 47 ?? No WAY are you 47 yrs old !!!

  9. I think maybe I am gonna puke a little.
  10. Welcome !!!

    Dont believe everthing you read here.


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