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  1. http://www.cycleworld.com/indian-motorcycle-ftr750-dirt-track-race-engine-exclusive-technical-preview
  2. Indian Motorcycle Racing to utilize proprietary new liquid-cooled 750cc V-Twin competition engine MINNEAPOLIS (June 14, 2016) — Indian Motorcycle®, America’s first motorcycle company, is proud to announce its re-entry into the AMA Pro Flat Track series with its first full-factory racing effort since the 1950s. AMA Pro Flat Track is highly competitive and has evolved into a demanding, technical and specialized event that typically sees bar-to-bar action and sublime motorcycle control at high speeds on varied dirt surfaces. The Indian Motorcycle Racing Team will contest the series with
  3. Yep, I hear ya on that. Many people just can't come up with their own ideas. It really ain't hard, their just thieving lazy fuks.
  4. If you think that they are building them in India for any reason other than avoiding the extremely high import tariffs placed on vehicles you have not looked into the subject at all. Import tax to bring a 970cc or larger motorcycle into India is 100% Plus • Landing charges (1% CIF) • Countervailing duty (12.5% (CIFD + Landing charges)) • CESS (3% (Duty + CEX (Education & Higher Education CESS) + Countervailing duty)) • Additional Countervailing Duty (4% (CIFD + Landing charges + Countervailing duty + CESS + CEX (Education & Higher Education CESS))) http://www.dutycalculator
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