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  1. Nice Robin, I have a S&W MP AR10 with 4 -25 round mags loaded, I'm ready. Lot's of tourists coming down driveway even though I have 4 Private drive, no trespassing signs , next I will fall a tree.
  2. I have never understood why old pricks dye their hair? I hated Trump (I hated Hillary more)the minute he questioned John McCains integrity. His picture should be money, or at the very least a stamp. If I was in a PW camp and they told me I could leave I would’ve ran out that mother fucker. I don’t care what he did as a politician, his hero card was punched many years ago. I here inbreed motherfuckers cite the Forrestal fire incident as proof McCain at proof of his ineptness. A lot of shit went wrong that day not of McCain’s making. I believe all politicians.are responsible for this debacle entering our nation. It should have been addressed in December. The genie is out of the bottle now, too late. I have been telling you guys for years the wheels were coming off.
  3. Canada is 100 feet from my house. I got an 18 foot old town canoe aptly provisioned and a Polaris Ranger similarly apportioned and 500 miles of wilderness trails across the road When I pull into driveway clock in truck switches to Atlantic standard Time and us cellular texts me I will charged for international calls. The only home I can see is in New Brunswick and a light house to my left. I have had Lyme disease, cancer, hep c and am insulin dependent. I will go away if I catch this shit. Call me reactionary, I don’t give a fuck. I bought the place with this scenario in mind and and am quite prepared. I have a S&W M&P ar 10 with a 3.0 trijicon scope which I can shoot fly shit out of pepper at 500 yards as well as many other things in place.i can see a mile down the beach. They made me go in their army, and I learned well.I have a defensible perimeter and I figure if I have to make a stand it’s as good as anywhere.got a generac and 300 gallons of propane. And 4 months of food.Best case scenario I get some firewood cut and finish some remodeling and come back to Carolina in the fall. Oh did I mention I’m really pissed off about no baseball ?
  4. I'll go to Timmy's in St. StephenN.B. 5 minutes from house, no reported cases in Maine
  5. I’m packing my shit up and going to Maine, fuck this shit.
  6. I am glad it all worked out for you and hope you receive the all clear for abnormal activities soon! I rode 250 miles on my new to me bike yesterday with 20 stitches in my leg. It was in the 60's here and I had only ridden the bike onto the trailer down in Savannah and off the trailer into my garage here last Monday. I had a tumor the size of a golf ball removed from my inner leg Tuesday. I am still awaiting the pathology report. I couldn't take it anymore, I had to ride the bike! Leg didn't hurt a bit. I really dig the heated seat and the heated grips. I am worried about that Covid-19 being a diabetic, I am in the group that most likely will fucking die from it. I am seriously thinking about heading to my house up in the wilds on Maine. I think Maine is the only state that has no flu yet, at least here out east. Maybe a boy from Maine had it right all those years ago when he wrote "The Stand" and the flu Captain Tripps.
  7. He died from 13 year old meat in his mouth.
  8. You got a place to stay in Maine or North Carolina Mike depending where I am at the time!
  9. Nice town, if you get out in the suburbs there are some excellent ethnic restaurants. My favorite was some paprika chicken at a Hungarian restaurant.
  10. I’m trying to hit every park mplate. I’m about half way there. So far Progressive field in Cleveland is my favorite park. I bleed Red Sox when I’m cut.
  11. Pete! How goes it? Just checking out this new website theme and trying to get a handle on the newest scientergic renoberations.

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