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  1. Grabass Joe got issues in the forcible sex department as well. None of them are pure as the driven snow my good friend. I guess it is somewhat better than having a Politboro system. Signed, A Registered Independent
  2. All that from a draft dodger that called a Purple Heart recipient a traitor. I will state I do not hold Joe “grabass” Biden in ant higher regard. Fucking rapist
  3. I wish they’d hang every politician. The way this shit was setup was guys would leave their farms and go do the business of our nation, and return for planting season. Now you have to had been at Yale and in the Skull and Crossbones. Liars and cheats, all of em.
  4. I’m hearing my Grandpa’s voice saying, “Gentlemen don’t discuss their politics.” I always wondered why he said that. This year has taught me the wisdom of his words. I am very guilty of transgressing that adage of his. He was born in the later part of the 1800’s, was in France in WW1, breathed in the gas, came home and survived the Spanish flu. The world was a simpler place back then. I pray the Republic survives this era in our history (the decisiveness on all sides) I’m not feeling good about any of it.
  5. I respect everyones viewpoints on here but I can't wait for this shit to be over, we are fucked no matter which one of the senile pricks get in. Either one is liable to die before they complete their term, then look what we got. Fuck the lying bastards. Put up all the video's and memes you want. Neither one of the assholes cares about you and me. Last one cared about us was Bush Sr (and he wore a uniform) unlike anyone since his son who showed up for two national guard drills. I can't wait until 2024 and mayhaps a viable candidate. Let's hope the republic survives that long.
  6. Hey Joey it’s not April 1st. That’s fucked up to say your selling something and then do the “hahaha” I was only fooling. Shame on you.
  7. You’re selling your BIKE? One of the Weirdest 2020 things I’ve seen. BTW, it’s really good to see some MOTORCYCLE discussions on this motorcycle webpage.
  8. We are all pulling for you Mike. I have to get my first test Tuesday?Wednesday when I arrive in Maine. I feel terrible you are being treated like this. I wish there was something I could do for you.
  9. Makes you miss the "Crazyhorse Wars" at times. I believe we've established clearly on here beyond a shadow of a doubt that many on here love Trump, many hate him. Many think that COVID-19 is a hoax, many believe it is a harbinger of the end of times. I don't care which way you believe, and don't care to convince you over to my particular Zeitgeist, because I never could. I am unlike most people, I really don't give a fuck about any politician. I will never vote again. And before someone opines that I'm not doing my duty, I had my duty card filled out before my 18th birthday. We should be discussing matters of self defense, food stockpiling, life after electricity and how to build snares large enough to catch a human. Our commonality for coming here is Indian Motorcycles. Very little discussion at this juncture about that anymore. I see guys on other forums that own Gilroy's and I send them here because this is the best place in the world to find out about them. We should stick to what we all know best, our beloved Indians. I know we all care about each other as evidenced by our recent attempt by all hands to support MPlate. Last week ai received a wonderful PM from Harleynot wishing me a happy birthday. I don't take much of this seriously. The banter here over the years is cyclical. I suppose in five years we will be arguing about cremation over embalming for our final journey.
  10. Happy Birthday Micmac !

    Have a great day ! 

    1. Micmac


      Thanks brother, I did!

  11. Talking of scum, this prick fired upon WWI veterans who were protesting not getting their pension for being wounded-his buddy's that helped were named McArthur and Eisenhower. Scum indeed. They fired on unarmed combat wounded men. Fuck you. They were called "Bonus Soldiers." You can't make this shit up. http://www.americaslibrary.gov/aa/patton/aa_patton_bonus_1.html
  12. Charlie Daniels dead at 83 years old. RIP Charlie, a good ol North Carolina boy .
  13. Went for a short ride. Lots of tourists out today, came home.
  14. I'm pulling for you Mike. Maybe your sister could contact your newspaper and relate the systematic abuse you have suffered from the medical community in that area. Someone needs to hear your story that is in the position to make changes. I would suggest to you that these medical professionals act acting in a manner not consistent with the oath they took, as well as operating outside the scope of ethical standards of their profession. They have pledged to "do no harm" and it actually seems by your comments that they have convened a focus group on how to cause your demise. Please get the word out.
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