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  1. Remember this place from our youth? HTREA, earth spelled backwards AKA Bizarro world from Superman comics. Everyone and everything was fucked up. Well, it’s come to fruition. I hope you get what you need Mike. You have really faced some challenges and have fought like a champ.
  2. Not one fucking word. I did see stuff on the Canadian Broadcasting System though. They lost a lot of boys that day too.
  3. I have solid intelligence that jglace is now the keeper of the flame of the aforementioned list.
  4. https://bangordailynews.com/2021/05/04/news/penobscot/canadian-man-arrested-after-allegedly-crossing-border-checkpoint-and-leading-police-on-high-speed-chase-into-millinocket/
  5. Following bills of interest: HR 127: Bans the sale of 50 CAL ammunition. Requires federal licensing of firearms. Requires $800 fee (insurance) for owning firearms. Requires psychological evaluation to own a firearm (paid for by the gun-owner). Requires special licensing and training for “Military Style Weapons” which includes AR-15’s. Imposes a 10-round limit on magazines. HR 1207: Bans
  6. Hey Stu, you going on the Blue Ridge Ride. Me and Deryl are I hope you guys can make it.
  7. I've noticed the the news keeps referring to "home grown terrorists" with increasing frequency. Guess what that is a harbinger of?
  8. Hey Stu, did you know the Dr. Suess was from Springfield, Mass as was the original Indian Motorcycle? Collections of both are at the Springfield Museum.
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