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  1. Scottdog you just so old around here none of the newbs know who you are
  2. Pretty damned amazing that so few members have contributed to one of there own , and a vp of a chapter for that matter so far. https://www.gofundme.com/floydbriggs
  3. Have heard that Floyd Briggs aka Turbo passed away yesterday. Thoughts and prayers to he family in Arkansas and Cali.
  4. Sorry news that Andy Baumeister (Fuzz317) long time member and friend passed yesterday Retired Michigan State Trooper , Coldwater Bailiff and Air Force Vietnam vet.
  5. and his football team is hurtinig stay awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. c'mon Doc you know the minimum bike number for renewal is 10 go get to work!
  7. Hell hes older than me and I have grandkids older than his kids .....I'm kind of jealous in a way !
  8. what he said its true its true was running first thing when I got there and clean as I have never seen it before. And he even said hes going to get it painted!
  9. hell Maldev probably made the damned trailer! lol
  10. I wish you Canuks would just keep your arctic air to yourselves Al!
  11. prayers with her and mom we are not to far away if anything needed....................
  12. yup talked to him today ...awnry as ever his number is listed on members forum i think and hes also on face fuk .......................
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