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  1. STU! Congrats on your future retirement. Marcia and I still plan to retire down your way (SML) but she still has a few years to go. Do the things you enjoy doing and retirement will be a joy. Best of luck to you on the transition.
  2. I suspect there are names of foreign persons who are still alive that were working with the U.S. government as part of the investigation (or other activities) so they need to be protected. I would bet that is where most of the redactions will occur.
  3. It could be hitting some heavy resistance at the $127 and $132 price. I'm not sure it will make it back up to $150 anytime soon without going through a pullback first. There are multiple "hits" at both of those price levels. The more hits, wether it be support or resistance, the stronger that line becomes. Many of the indictors are overextended so they will need to unwind before the next big push up. Weekly Chart: http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=PII&p=W&yr=4&mn=6&dy=0&id=p83881287001&a=552733626 From looking at the daily chart I'd expect some profit t
  4. First time behind the wheel and you didn’t hit any icebergs. Good job.
  5. Kiiiiiimmmmmm...... It's been too long. And I won't be making the Blue Ridge Ride so I won't be seeing you this year. I've joined the retirement ranks like yourself and I have moved back to the homeland (Texas) to spend time with family. I'll be back up that way in a few years and we'll hit the twisties like in the old days.
  6. Never heard of this Micmac person. Ya'll are making a big fuss. She must be pretty. :-)
  7. For Harley to get approval to sell their brand in India the bikes had to be assembled in India to help create jobs. Parts are shipped then assembled in India for domestic sale only. Not for export. I'd bet Polaris had to agree to the same conditions as Harley if they wanted to tap that market.
  8. Me too. The last time I was out on the Chieftain was with you at the Blue Ridge Ride.
  9. 7,000? really? Maybe 7,000 accounts of which most are probably not active though that does not diminish that this is probably still the largest (and best) forum related to the Indian motorcycle brand. One fix to distinguish this site from the other(s) is to put on the banner.....establish 19?? and then list current member numbers.
  10. I always enjoy watching those Mike. Though, I can't quite figure out which of those clips are you.
  11. You have the Southern National Meet in Denton, SC (May 16th-18th)
  12. Sold it to a member on this forum ("John Clifford") last summer. The wife expressed an interest in riding with me on occasion (short trips) so I decided to move up to the Chieftain to make it more enjoyable for her. Between the '03, the '47 project bike, and a new Chieftain that would have taken up a lot of garage space so I'm back down to just one scoot.
  13. That is a pretty darn good museum for anyone passing through that area. A lot of the cars in there are actually loaners. I suspect Bob's Indian who is just down the road will be supplying a lot of the old irons.
  14. Maldev, just curious if you've tried (or will try) to register those plates a 2nd time just to see if you can get it through. Maybe your request was being processed by an incompetent DMV employee on that day.
  15. He was work'n on Billy's bike the same time he was work'n on my motor. I saw the folder next to mine the last time I was in Kali-fornia.
  16. Me too.......but..........that is on a Wednesday. The DC area is rated at the top for the worse traffic and now there will be a million bikers. I doubt they'll get the attendance they are looking for.
  17. That sounds like the Chieftain with the full-blown audio package. And stage two already installed? Please tell Mark Moses to load that one in his truck. I'll be down next week to pick it up.
  18. Well then, tell him I'm expecting a call from him very soon. He's got my e-mail address and I signed up for the pre-order.
  19. Looks like they already have plenty to put up for sale. I suspect The Charlotte Dealership will have some ready before Sept.
  20. Well seeing as how we weren't there we can't speak to the specifics of that situation but.......it seems a little far fetch to me. If they heard it then they should have heard it in the context in which it was said. If I had two suits on my door step I would have a lot of questions as to how/why they heard my conversation. I'm sure you can squeeze the phrase "I'm gonna pick up the bomber" in your conversation seeing as how you are having all those issues with your scoot. ( I double dare you )
  21. Oh, and one more thing. Private companies (not the government) collects more information about you every day. There are services out there who pull down public records on us and they are building a database of our activities. Then they sell subscriptions to that information for an annual fee. (Around $300 I think.) I could look you up and determine how many divorces you've had, speeding tickets, law suits against you, EVERYTHING you have ever done at the DMV, the cars you have registered, the taxes you have paid, etc.... etc.... etc..... Anything that is public record. Wayyyy more i
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