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  1. I'm researching earbuds for listening to music while I ride. So far I like to specs and looks of the Marshall Mode EQ and the Shure SE215 best. It'd be NICE to have the ability to use them to take calls, but I won't be on the phone when I ride, so not a huge deal. I suppose that would be a useful feature if I use them off the bike though. The main needs I have are they must fit under a helmet comfortably and stay put in my ears. I also want them to reduce outside noise (mostly wind) so I don't need to crank the volume to hear them. I also still want to hear horns/sirens, ect. So not noise
  2. So sorry Scot. I don't pray for much or often, but I am for you and your family.
  3. I give Hernley's Indian in PA a 4. I didn't get to work with them very long, but the service and issues I had they were responsive, fair, and honest about. Had no issues getting scheduled maintenance done either.
  4. Thanks for this. They were one of the ones WAS considering. freedom Exhaust is top of my list right now (though I do like my stock pipes with the mods I've made to them...)
  5. What, no love for Grease 2 or Crybaby? Keep in mind, if you stone me for this, you're just proving you know what I'm talking about (and secretly are voting for those two movies...)
  6. I've been in touch with Mike and Mark at the AACA Museum. August 6th will be Iron Indian Riders Association Day. Sign up here: http://www.indianmotorcyclecommunity.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=43004 Spread the word!
  7. From what they told me, that's how the museum wanted it too. They SAID what they have on display is what they could get their hands on. I figure our ride up there will give them one day of MOST eras though...
  8. I got feedback from the museum. I'm going to set up a ride to visit the exhibit. Look for it in the rides section...
  9. ^^^You got rid of your Gilroy Vintage? When did that happen? When are you getting your 2014? I'm picking mine up from Hernley's in May...
  10. Would anyone be interested in an organized ride to this sometime this summer/fall? I'll bet if we got enough of us, we could convince them to have a formal "Indian Riders Day"...
  11. Maybe we should organize a IIRA trip to Hershey to help them fill the gaps for a day!
  12. Maybe they are looking for volunteers! I have a Gilroy I can let them put on display (if they detail it for me 1st )...in June I'll ride my SL up so they can shine that one too if they want!
  13. You guys seen this yet? This looks like it could be a really cool exhibit. I will definitely be checking it out... March 28 – October 24, 2014A display of approximately 25 Indian motorcycles will explore the Indian brand from inception to their current re-introduction, what they mean to us, and what they may be able to tell us about America. AACA Museum in Hershey, PA http://www.aacamuseum.org/indian-nation-indian-motorcycles-america/
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