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  1. My expression...you have to get old but you don't have to be old.
  2. I believe when the AMA rules change Indian will have to be compliant and the field will level up some
  3. It was an exceptional documentary and I have watched it twice. I missed the lottery draft by three days.
  4. I"m looking for an affordable trike as well. The Wings make great trikes, probably the best out there . I did find a Rocket III trike on ebay that I'm still looking at. My wife wants to ride as well, but more comfortable and assured on a trike.
  5. Just a comment on the Systema self defense system shown in the video. I have worked with them before and it is very effective. However, it is not quite as easy as the video shows to disarm a man especially when it is not in slow motion and the guy has a razor sharp blade and he is stabbing and slashing, not just a simple thrust. I was supposed to go to St. Louis and finish the course and Krav certification but hasn't done it yet.
  6. We still own a home in Negros Oriental in the Philippines and you can see Mindanao from across the China Sea. You cannot own a firearm and if you are a foreigner, you basically have no rights, period. It is the total opposite in the US where undocumented aliens can have it all. You have to hire licensed bodyguards for protection, and most of them are mediocre at best. With the Muslim situation so close, I don't see going back very soon.
  7. Nunchucks...allowed anywhere as you can use them as giant chopsticks
  8. So XV, was Hilary your choice and how good would have that been knowing what we know now?
  9. Nice little video on Ty Cobb. As a semi baseball historian and collector, I new most of the facts presented. Al Stump was a hack and sensationalist writer. Cobb wasn't the nicest guy on the block, but not the ruthless racist depicted everywhere. Some guys were talking on the MLB network and said Ricki Henderson was a better all around ball player than Cobb, what a load.
  10. Hey Robert, what show or projects are you working on now?
  11. I do know several people who have benefited greatly from Obamacare and would be in big trouble if repealed without a good fix.
  12. It was brought up to me today through my dealer "updates" that there is a distinct possibility that Excelsior Henderson may be making a comeback. It said that the intellectual property is still available and mfg. tools and machines are still readily available, and in storeage. The owners are in talks with several money people about bringing the brand back but with updates for the problems as well as updating to keep in line with other OEM's. It was also mentioned that if the right group came along, Polaris would sell Indian just like Stellican did, as Polaris is not 100% dedicated to
  13. Good on ya for being a Red Sox fan, I'm one as well. I used to do some work with them as well and furnished some training and rehab equipment. They ended up sending me a BIG box full of autographed and collectible stuff.
  14. The last home opener with the Royals and White Sox, in between innings, one of the White Sox staff came out of the dugout, came into the stands, and asked if I was Dr. Huddleston. i said yes, and he presented me with an autographed game bat. He said this is just a thank you from the team. Everyone in the stands went nuts and even the play by play radio team mentioned it. It was a great experience.
  15. My Honda chopper has an 836 kit with nitrous, but believe me, it only goes fast in a very straight line. Trying to turn that thing are what nightmares are made of. I also agree Tallrider, so many of the other forums are Indian guys only with the Polaris introduction and many of them came off other brands as well. They have zero information regarding the Gilroys and other Indian versions. They think owning an Indian for two or three years makes them an authority. They fail to recognize all of the past and failed, and very lousy attempts at resurrection of the Indian marquee. Als
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