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  1. Still love that chief. I am still waiting on that watch Swiss. hope you are doing well.
  2. A shout out to a lot of my old dear friends here. of course Hasbin, 2blackbelts, stu, and brock. you guys and hundreds of others are truly my brothers,its a bond that never goes away. GOD bless all of you and ride safe. MOE.
  3. real glad you are doing well charles, I just now happened upon this. I guess I could keep that old trike on the road for you. you have been saying you had a bad wire. God bless you.
  4. that guy plainly drives ole Robin crazy. he pisses him off real bad and i love it. I do my best with politics but he ignores me.
  5. Kelly, you photo-shopped that and you know it.
  6. who did i have my arm around sweet sherry or the blond???
  7. yeah his post just about did me in, never laughed as hard in my life. darkrider made my day also.
  8. well, maybe sorta, kinda, that damn grease is a womanizer, but i stayed pure as the driven snow.
  9. one of my better qualities, i've heard that one before. you walked right in to that one sweetie,you gave me a 10 and smoked a cigeratte later
  10. now the old schitt is accusing me of looking at some fictious blond, must be losing his mind. its kinda funny he is the only one who saw me. he even thinks he has a picture of me smiling or something
  11. real nice,my son had one just like it.
  12. go cards, they are hot right now and i wouldn't want to play them.
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