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  1. The World is ending...I agree with Stu. I pick up my Chieftain Saturday. Can't wait!
  2. Hey Maldev, How you been, Man? Long time, dude...Hope all is well!
  3. ...and after watching Newsroom, that speech was the most unbiased part of the whole show...ya know, to get you to think that maybe there is some integrity in news...lmao...there is not...and if you watch a few episodes you'll see the liberal agenda poking it's very biased view points...they ream the Tea party and Kochs brothers, but ignore Occupy and Soros...and all I really have to say is: Jane Fonda is in it...and we all know she sucks major ass.
  4. I'd LOVE my band to perform for a California Iron Indian event gathering...we should seriously try to make that happen!
  5. My band just learned and while it aint Elvis, it rocked the friggin house...Just sayin wwe had ALL the lovely ladies head bangin to this one.
  6. Both sides of the political spectrum are responsible for our economic problems. Big government is destroying us with irresponsible spending of fiat currency, and the government, which can't see past 4 year blocks, does not understand what a free market system is, and only knows how to do 2 things: coerce and spend money. Were guilty though for letting the idiots run us to the ground...we focus on one of our favorite entitlements, and vote on one issue, and let the abuse of the Constitution continue...as long as our favorite candidate keeps enforcing our favorite program. We need to remember w
  7. I think most of us are feeling it, and maybe forums like this help take our minds off of the real bad shit happening to our country, but I can't look away. I know there is only so much we can do...the train brakes being applied are much too little too late, and we're going off the cliff whether we want to our not. Like I said, I feel lucky that I ride a bike I dig, have a wonderful wife, good friends, and a job. I also see bad stuff coming...I just hope it's not as bad as I think...I do hope I'm over-analyzing the coming storm.
  8. I have also had to reduce my workforce and take cuts in my salary to keep afloat. Scales of economy are still the same...we have a giant shit sandwhich, thanks to Keynesian big-government spending and the entitlement mentality, and no matter how much we beg the government to do something, they can't fix it....they never could, because they only know how to spend money, make backroom deals, and force us to do stuff in the name of "the greater good". America is in deep shit, and It will never get better. I feel lucky AND cursed...I got to live in a time of great prosperity and technology...yet I
  9. yaaawn. I'm no Harley Fan, but seriously some folks act like they owe us something? Good that their production is up, and still people bitch that they make too much profit? That's the kind of marxist crap that's getting America in deep shit right now. Harley answers to shareholders, period. Luckily for them, millions of sheep still buy their boring bikes...good for them. We should all be happy a company is prospering in this dismal economy...and hope more companies can do better, instead of asking what they can do for us, or insisting they owe us something....pathetic.
  10. I love my FJ Cruiser! I like the overall ride...brock is right, more utilitarian than the rest, but it is reliable and a serious off road vehicle...and I feel good aobut not supporting Bailout companies GM or chrysler. Oh, and toyota is giving 2 years of free scheduled maintenaince away...the new FJ's are running synthetic, so oil changes are every 10K...pretty cool.
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