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  1. I still have my 03' Dodge & a Ram 1-ton dually, hard to beat the Cummins mill, Mama got a full boat Tahoe that's a little tore up at the moment. Still have the 62' that will be the first project once my shop is built, every toy I have is in my 44' cargo trailer & toy hauler. I hope to have the shop built in 2020, I need to finish the house & carport for the TH so this summers hail don't destroy it...
  2. Hot Springs SODAK is where the 5th wheel is, our property is South of Custer off 89
  3. I love it so far, tons of wildlife and my closest neighbor is quite aways away and a snowbird. next closest is 1/4 mile away and is a carpenter helping with a few remodel projects. a 1-1/2 miles of gravel road keeps the most away
  4. living in my 40' toy hauler (on Phil&Karen's property) while remodeling a house thats a bit off-grid, have a few acres of jack pines and closest neighbor is 1/4 mile away. 15-20 deer in the front yard daily & about the same amount of deer. Working harder than I did the last 10 years of employment. LOL Life is good
  5. If it won't pull a 40' 5th wheel 500 miles without stopping, I don't have any use for it. I think I will stick with my cummins diesel.
  6. I havbin lurking for a bit, retired & moved back where I belong.
  7. I believe Indian is compliant at this point in time, rumor is they will have to produce a street legal bike off the FTR platform, this is the AMA being owned by H-D in my opinion YMMV
  8. So let me get this straight, If you snooze, YOU LOOOOOOOOSE ?
  9. I want to ride the Alps & Pyrenees's if it can be worked into my busy schedule... Maybe go visit relatives in Germany
  10. Happy Birthday my friend, from your story it was a great one except you didn't get a kiss from yours truly, I will fix that when we next meet...
  11. True, but it's still spelled correctly with the people I hang with
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