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    '03 Vintage Chief...Red, of course
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  1. You want weird, nasty, creepy ass shit? Wait for my book......
  2. Now you can stick one in each ear and hear your gun go off........to music!
  3. The doll will "tell all" on Oprah Tuesday.........
  4. #2 daughter and grandkids evacuating from Irvine, taking the looong way around to my place.....followed by #1 daughter. Got four facilities up in Castaic...just got told by the FD that we were on our own. Gonna be a long night.
  5. Ute Indian Museum 17253 Chipeta Drive Montrose, Colorado 81401 970-249-3098 Indian Motorcycle Cafe & Lounge 176 Copper Cir, Frisco, CO Tel: (970) 968-2099
  6. ROCKY MOUNTAIN MOTORCYCLE MUSEUM 5865 N. Nevada Ave Colorado Springs CO 80918
  7. I still have the original Indian factory oil in my Vintage. Whattya think that'll pull in on EvilBay? Might get a free Malfa rebuild outta this....
  8. The world today seems absolutely crackers, With nuclear bombs to blow us all sky high. There's fools and idiots sitting on the trigger. It's depressing and it's senseless, and that's why... I like Chinese. I like Chinese. They only come up to your knees, Yet they're always friendly, and they're ready to please. I like Chinese. I like Chinese. There's nine hundred million of them in the world today. You'd better learn to like them; that's what I say. I like Chinese. I like Chinese. They come from a long way overseas, But they're cute and they're cuddly, and they're ready to
  9. Not going to happen, but I'm getting a woody just thinkin' about it!
  10. I'm sure the ACLU will come to the rescue of those poor, underprivileged children......
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