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  1. Very well said my friend! It really is about the people!Im so proud to be amongst you hooligans!
  2. Haaa no iceberg but it wasn't smooth sailing, super fun though
  3. Only the Captain which was dealt with swiftly with a side of coke
  4. It sickens me that the media is perpetuating the divide. After the shooting in TN church and the devastation and deaths in PR, the lead story was the kneeling..if as most are saying, it is not intended to slam the flag and what it represents then in addition to the protests every kneeler should state exactly what boots on the ground action they are taking to effect the real change they claim they are seeking.. That being said, after having a really horrid past few years, I don't think it's asking too much to have my stupid 3 hours of mindless entertainment withoutit being infused with poli
  5. Our community is so great; the friendship is what makes it. I got to spend the day with Mike and Claiborne Ryan. They made the mistake of giving me control of the Throttle. Thanks for the great time and company!
  6. Hugs and kisses to you and your lovely bride! Tell her I said hi!
  7. Good for you!! Congratulations and welcome to the club! We will be in Durango so no BRR for us either. We may be down your way next year! Be well my friend.
  8. I received the same email... they were very good to deal with, loved their service department
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