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  1. OK just wondering how many gilroys are in the area, if so who may be interrested in getting together.send me a pm OR CALL! LOUIE 203400 7648
  2. So true story im setting down at breakfast this mourning with about 20 riders, an up comes a story two guys leave Daytona head to Texas then bout 6oo miles to Mexico , there there bout 2 months then ride back to Daytona get in the boothill 1 looks an says to the outher cant find my lighter so back on the bikes an back to mexico week later there back at the boot hill ,owner ask ya find it , nope , well i guess ya didnt look hard enough, so they get back on the bikes an back to mexico, two months later there back at the boot hill, so the owner ask why all over a lighter , they looked at him a
  3. im thinking of a bbq the day of tt race im five miles south of the track, have lunch maybe head to the cabbage patch for an afternoon an coleslaw wrestling back for more food then to the track what do you think
  4. i myself dont got to shits what they think, give me 2 cylinders an a carb an im happy i can beleave all the shit there adding to bikes nowadays, besides i think the 03 vintage is the best looking one of the lot! no bragg just fact lol
  5. At check in, you must present proof of ownership (i.e. key fob or picture of you and your bike). dont say anything bout years
  6. https://indianmotorcycle1.formstack.com/…/indian_owners_eve…
  7. what days you going to be in town id like to see whats going on at the cabbage patch thinking maybe an early lunch at my place then down the road to the coleslaw wrestling for the afternoon
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