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  1. You might want to think about installing some nobby-rubbers.... roads look a little rough!
  2. R.I.P. - his comedy movies were my favorites growing up... what a nut...
  3. If I didn't have other plans, I would be by your side!! Get'r Done...
  4. Best wishes from Gilroy.. Hopefully by now she's starting to feel better and getting ready to jump and run circles around you..
  5. Micmac penny wack give a dog a bone.... Pete you know the dis-functional can never call it quits forever... good to here from you again!
  6. And a Merry Merry Christmas from Garlic Land, Gilroy CA
  7. Thanks Bluchief.. Your hail storm video caught me parked on the other side of the ravine along the hwy.. had to stop to put my helmet on, my ball cap wasn't doing the job.. Dam hail hurts the head when your bald and with only a trucker cap on.. Can't wait to do it again next year!!
  8. Ken, excellent write up and summary to a fantastic weekend with the IIRA gang.. You picked the right spot and the destinations, scenery and roads were fantastic! Even though some of us got blasted in the hail storm, hurt doesn't say enough when riding through that stuff.. AND, riding a naked Indian Motorcycle without a windshield was the total experience.. It was truly my pleasure brother to finally meet the famous traveling man himself.. Looking forward to seeing you and the rest of the IIRA peeps next year in Durango!!
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