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  1. Gilroy, CA - Garlic capital of the world. Gilroy and garlic go together. Roadside stands featuring garlic products are all over the Gilroy area.
  2. I've got another bottle here. I think I'll try it now. Thanks for the welding. Appreciate it.
  3. I'm a professional. Years of hard practice under my belt. You've gotta work at it every day if you want to run with the big dogs. But seriously, I have always liked drinking but rarely to excess. Unfortunately, some folks can't draw the line very well. When I meet someone who does not drink, I respect their wishes because I never know the reasons for that decision. I can have a good time with or without drinking. On the plus side, restaurant bills are much cheaper without the alcohol.
  4. Happy Veterans Day to Charles Kelly and all our other veterans out in cyber world. Would have been great to attend his pizza party. I would live to see all his bikes one day. Maybe another time.
  5. I was thinking of opening a Vespa and Indian dealership. Both are hot sellers. I could display the Vespa's sitting on the Indians.
  6. I suppose we have all seen the "8 stages of Democracy" supposedly attributed to Professor A. Tyler. While most sources say the attribution is false, the stages are pretty interesting. Sadly, we seem to be in the end stages. "A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, w
  7. I have a knowledgeable friend who believes that terrorists (ISIS or other) are planning to infect themselves in order to suicide bomb public places as part of the jihad against infidels in Europe and the US.
  8. Yep, hockey is as tough as any sport there is. Yet, the players show great sportsmanship. In addition, I haven't heard of any spousal abuse or child abuse issues (yet?) These guys are too young for that maybe.
  9. My favorite professional sport is hockey. Very much a team sport - no street thugs in this game. Rough and tumble as any sport could be yet humility, sacrifice and team contribution are paramount. Maybe it's a Canadian thing. Maybe it's a cold weather thing. Whatever it is, it is easy to like the players. Plus, Hockey teams will shake hands after every series no matter how tough and bruising which is a great sporting tradition.
  10. In this case, the pilot asked flight controllers twice for permission to descend to a lower altitude. Flight controllers allowed them to drop to 25,000 feet which was no help. Hypoxia can occur at anything over 10 or 12,000 feet. Pilot asked again to drop altitude and the controller responded to hold altitude at 25000 while they were "working on it". When the air traffic controller finally returned, the pilot was unresponsive. Sad end of story. I wouldn't be surprised if air traffic controllers are held partially responsible for this situation. Although the pilot did not declare mayday
  11. "I would do anything to have a great physique except for, of course, eat right and exercise" -- Steve Martin
  12. The service was well attended by about 200 friends and relatives, some all the way from New Zealand. There was maybe 50 bikes there of all descriptions including 20 or 25 Indians. There were many Kiwi-ized vintage models and even a few if vintage Harleys. There was the vintage Chief with sidecar that the Tomas family toured around the country with Carolyn and Ross in the sidehack. I learned that they did everything as a family and that includes building up the Kiwi Indian business and taking the products around the world. Mike Tomas spoke at length about his family and told many storie
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