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  1. We're a bit jittery here . . . we stay away from crowds, wash our hands, avoid people our own age, we've even sacrificed a couple of chickens in the backyard. The deaths here seem to be concentrated in an elderly health care facility but because it's a virus with no protective vaccine it's bound to spread. They might as well call it "Boomer Flu"!
  2. UPDATE: Four weeks from the day of my full knee replacement surgery and after twice a week physical therapy sessions that started the week after surgery, continued daily physical therapy exercises at home, and getting the flexibility in my surgical knee up from 88º the day after surgery to 120º . . . I got the ok from the surgeon to return to "normal activities." Apparently, I have to wait a little longer to return to abnormal activities. Next visit with the surgeon is in another eight weeks.The weather hasn't been good enough to ride this last week, but I've been practicing getting the kickst
  3. My knee replacement surgery was yesterday and early this afternoon I was released having passed the requisite physical and occupational therapists evaluations. The surgeon told my wife Valerie that had hadn't seen so much deterioration in a knee joint in a long time. Now the hard part starts but I'm determined to be back in the saddle in April, weather permitting. Thanks for all the advice and support . . . TR
  4. Thanks Steve . . . I'm preparing for the post-op pain but know that I can work through it and be back in the saddle before too long.
  5. Robert . . . I'e got one of, if not THE top orthopedic surgeon in the Seattle area. I hate having to do all this, but limited mobility is reducing my fun quotient.
  6. It's been a while since I posted - primarily because I didn't have much to say. Now I do. The time has come, TallRider said, to speak of many things . . . of boots, and bikes, and detail wax . . . of cabbages and kings . . . and why my saddle's boiling hot . . . and whether pigs have wings. My apologies to Lewis Carroll and both the Walrus and the Carpenter. Actually, the time has come to replace my dysfunctional left knee. I had originally intended to have the surgery last October, but lung surgery to remove two small tumors (benign) set me back a wee bit. When we had our single-s
  7. I lucked out with my '03 Chief Roadmaster, The Iron Beast . . . I only had to have it re-built twice. But once I got through the first five years of ownership it was a great ride, finally selling it in 2015 when I bought the Vintage. Absolutely no service issues with this ride (is that like talking about a no-hitter in the 8th inning?) and the dealership in Auburn, WA has been great. We stopped at the Indian dealership in Sturgis last August on a drive to Minneapolis - now THAT was an experience. All Indian and only Indian. Got some great advice from one of their techs who specializes in b
  8. Robert - I haven't had that experience with my Indian, but I'm not surprised that Polaris doesn't have a better data base to track normal maintenance let alone warranty issues. It's as though Homer Simpson was their IT Specialist.
  9. This should come as no surprise to anyone . . . either HD moving some production overseas or Trump threatening a company he had so recently praised.
  10. For those of us who grew up in one of those small towns across America, and remember the annual Memorial Day parade down main street that ended at the local cemetery where member of the VFW would fire their rifles in salute to those who had fallen in service to their country, here are a couple of flashback pics . . . These were taken in my home town of Excelsior, Minnesota in the early 1960s.
  11. My daughter, son-in-law and grandkids are in Palm City and they decided to stay put. I wasn't happy with their decision, but so far it seems to have been the right one. We've been texting back and forth for every two hours or so and so far (12:02 AM EDST 9/11/2017) no significant storm surge and no wind damage in their neighborhood. Knock on wood.
  12. I've stayed away from this thread since it's inception, and I don't want to debate the quality of the candidates, the policies of the parties, or judge the performance and/or character of the President, or the original intent of the Electoral College, but rather forget all the hyperbole and take a look at the numbers. There is no doubt about who won the election - "fair and square as they say" - but the numbers tell an interesting story beyond who was the winner. When I did some research last January I found that Clinton received 65,884,610 (48.2%) of the popular votes cast, Trump received
  13. Question . . . and not trying to be a smart ass, I just really don't know the answer . . . if the shooter is wearing body armor, is the most effective shot a head shot, or a shot to his/her lower extremities - crotch, legs? Or depending on your weapon and round, will a body shot take them off their feet?
  14. Never let the facts stand in the way of an exhibit . . . or so I've heard.
  15. I've had the same experience . . . but as Chris says "consider the source." The other forum that I frequent has far more participants and doesn't have the same foundation that this forum was built on, so I just take their chest pounding in stride. This forum is more like home and the participants here more like family; the other forum has its place but it's just not the same. When I made the decision to trade-in my 2003 Roadmaster, The Iron Beast, the nearest Polaris Indian dealer wouldn't give me the time of day but the other dealer was willing to work with me and treated me fairly. So ev
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