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  1. Anyone know if Gary & Linda (fm Colo Spgs) still do this? I know Gary did two of them, one with an Indian with a side car. I think that was in '10 or '12. This year is the 10th Anniversary of the revised motorcycle version of the run. Sept 10 - 27th. Starts in Michigan, ends in Texas. Not quite the cross-country ride (coast-to-coast, ocean) unless you count Lake Michigan to Padre Island https://motorcyclecannonball.com/
  2. I have a buddy who is a retired USMC 0-6, former F-18 driver, and also flies for Delta. Goes by Puma (actually Pearson) Regardless, CONGRATS on moving over to the left
  3. enough said! https://www.huffpost.com/entry/happy-memorial-day-problem_l_5ce461b2e4b0547bd12e74a0
  4. Have many friends and wife in NorCal in/around Paradise and Chico. Already had many lose their homes to incl. the mother-in-law's place. As they say, Paradise is now lost. Completely burned down.
  5. Always when I'm back on the east coast I'll stop in to see the fine folks at the flagship Indian dealership.
  6. Had a Vette once with a big block engine that got about 8mpg...that was back in the day.
  7. Glad the Cubs won since they took out the F'ing Dodgers. Have I mention how much I loath the F'ing Dodgers!!!
  8. ..a couple of weeks ago. Doing okay (very swollen knee and foot) but the bike has minimum damage (windshield, front fender, right highway light and turn signal, handlebars, and right saddlebag. Some scratches on the 'crash' bar. It did it's job. Thank goodness I was wearing a full face helmet (yeh Last Resort, no more fun'ing you) as the lower right face guard was cracked and the helmet was deeply scratched along the right, front half. that could of been my jaw and face. There goes Laughlin as I finally was going to get the chance to go this year. Bummer dude!
  9. Keep a pocket full of IIRA Community Forum biz cards to hand-out to the IMRG folks. Many thanks to Last Resort. I gave a bunch to the San Diego dealership to hand out. Now that they have changed owners, the folks there don't know where the box went.
  10. ColoGW - doing the Cannonball Run ride this year? If so, what bike for this year's event?
  11. Sincere and heartfelt thoughts to you and your family...from the 'left' coast aka SoCal
  12. Welcome from those of us in America's Finest City!
  13. They did, back in the '60's. My cousin was the bat boy for the team. http://www.georgiaencyclopedia.org/articles/sports-outdoor-recreation/atlanta-crackers
  14. It seems modern day comedians have a lot of demons...RIP Robin.
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