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  1. Maybe someone should send them an email !! No wait.. Never mind..
  2. Hes a litigant in pending legal action... he would be foolish to start posting any facts that pertain directly or indirectly to the case.. But I suspect you know that..
  3. Tone it down ?? Like maybe put it in the microwave ? Kinder gentler yea.. but this isn't high tea.. Alot of people are really doing a much as possible to keep things civil in hopes of avoiding the BS.. Just a suggestion, but ya might want to acknowledge the effort and build on it rather than look for a way to defeat it.. Thats what real leaders do..
  4. I think your close.. but it will be Edwards and Osama.. I think Billary will alienate everyone out of the gate.. GOP ? No idea really.. McCain comes to mind.. but theres quite a few skeletons in his closet that would be tough to overcome.. Besides.. I am not sure he really appeals to the far right..... Hell Id like to see this guy run..
  5. I wouldnt get too wrapped around the axle on it.. After all... Fastow was CFO Magazine's CFO of the year at one point.. And Hitler was Time Magazine's man of the year in 38 or so..
  6. Stellican is working on their own timetable.. Kinda like Dubya... I hear he finally made it to Vietnam..
  7. Im keepin an eye on you Redblood.. Anyone that takes a story of grown men running around in their underwear over strippers and old bastards needs watching..
  8. Damn Deb !!!! Outstanding work... Never thought I would see Ed's Chief "out leathered" but damn !!! Some seriously nice goodies there... you nailed it.. great job... So when can I bring my Chief by ?? PS... Pssssst.. Looks good John.... but get rid of that goofy air cleaner already... a jelly jar lid would look better than that thing..
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