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  1. Well. Here's another hint: Cliff's Both this and the Max web sites changed today. I was at them last night, and none of the changes were up.
  2. I've heard that they are dropping Ducati also and will be BMW only under the Max BMW Motorcycles name. Check this link out: Max BMW Motorcycles
  3. Well, it appears that they are no longer an Indian dealer. Their Indian link just brings you back to their home page, and they're not showing up as a dealer on Indian's web site.
  4. Interesting. I didn't know he owns Max BMW now. That might have been an influence on buying Cliff's... Cliff's is BMW, Ducati & Indian motorcycles, and Max's NY location isn't all that far from Cliff's.
  5. Just got an email from a friend. Penske Auto Group has purchased Cliff's Cycle Revolution, in Brookfield. Anyone know if Penske has any other motorcycle dealerships?
  6. ntly stroked it, hoping it would perk up. "Ah ha!" she said, "I think I know the problem." ired all wrong.
  7. Here's how I know More, I was a Fire Chief in Connecticut's biggest city for over 10 years. I was sent to the National Fire Academy to be trained by our government to teach response to terrorism classes. You know the National Fire Academy right? George Bush put it under the control of FEMA after 9-11, so he could have more influence on it. It was in those classes where I was told how bad militias are for our country. I was told how they're a major terror threat. When I presented the idea that gangs like the Crips, Bloods, Latin Kings, MS-13, and all the wanna-bes out there are more dangerous,
  8. About 3 percent of all the world's greatest tragedies -- floods, earthquakes and other disasters -- happened on the 23rd day of the month.
  9. Is you city, county, or state having financial problems? Watch your speed! CLICK
  10. Cross drilling a rotor weakens the integrity of the rotor, while providing for very little, if any performance benefits. In extended high temp braking situations like track use, with track pads and track rubber, cross drilled rotors can present a serious danger due to thermal fatigue, eventually cracking and undergoing catastrophic failures. This happens with all manner of cross-drilled rotors, whether they are drilled, "cast", cryotreated, or even multi-thousand dollar special Porsche/Ferrari brakes. Rotors were first ‘drilled’ because early brake pad materials gave off gasses when heated
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