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  1. help with membership renewal question...

  2. ... standing up close to a 427 Cobra roadste in 1967,was an absolutely incredible experience.Larson Ford,in White Plains,NY,was one of Ford's showcase dealers for performance cars. An old friend and I,were luckier than I would ever know,in being able to share that experience.Dan Gurney's road test of the Cobra went from 0 to 100 mph to 0 in 13.2 seconds.......
  3. ..Dr. Mark,I'm glad you're OK,if a bit .banged up.A dear wise old friend,and Guadalcanal vet advised me to keep in mind every second that 'this is the day that this bitch (bike) is going to throw me,and jump all over me.With that thought in mind you MAY get home to laugh and ride again'.. Had I been following his advice,and been more patient,and cautious,I probaly would have avoided the two wrecks I've had.These days,I'm unashamed to admit that most times on the Chief scare the hell out of me...especially those that you were in. It's a mystery to me why the Good Lord has seen fit to keep me a
  4. Over the years,I've had two 'over th bars' episodes,with last one grinding up the front of the helmet,as I got a close up of the pavement....both would have ushered me out early,were it not for the helmet.I prefer an open face Arai along with a windshield...
  5. Hey,Alisa...wishing you good health,fair winds,and clear skies ahead.This getting older stuff ain't as easy,for sure!...just keep keepin' on..
  6. ... well,it looks like Frank and Joe will still have orders to fill,eh?
  7. What's on your mind?

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      I don't see a link to renew..

  8. It was a pleasure,and honor to finally meet Micmac and 335....and there were enough post Springfield Indians to establish the idea that our bikes actually DO exist,if not in the numbers of the 1901=1953 vintage.We'Garlics' were'nt fortunate(?) enough to have a company very long for support so mebb'e we are just 'bastards'..and,I can't remember all the folks in their 70's and 80's who stopped to tell me of their good times after being impressed by our late model INDIANS.'Kill 'em with kindness' the old saying goes...not hard for anyone who's met us. Sorry I missed PS,SD and some you other IIR
  9. GREAT news!...the ol'dog will barkin' again soon!
  10. Hey bud, were having a L.I./CT. ride on 8/22. Scottdog, Eraserhead and a whole bunch more riders from CT. are comind down for the day to ride which will end up @ my house for a dip in the pool and a BBQ. If you can make it let me know and I'll give ya directions...Luca

  11. PLAYBOY pictorial of her years ago,would make you smile.He was gorgeous....RIP
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