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  1. never mentioned race or thought anything you said was provoked by race. As for this president, some voted against him simply because they voted against the more visible half black side of him, others voted for the half black side of him. I did neither and think both actions are despicable.
  2. and I'm always asked why I don't come around much anymore...
  3. I cannot un-imagine that chris...thanks for ruining my future!
  4. my first selfie.. and with a guy.. lol btw.. I was "working"..so technically I was never there!
  5. dunno eddie, I've seen more indian advertisements recently than ever. not sure if that's what you mean tho??
  6. except for the riding drunk part that's me.. lol. but I agree with every word you said! never made Sturgis, but I want to some day.
  7. nah.i told yall in the occ days that choppers--even hover choppers- were a fad.. anime chicks are a fad too. they will go the way of blow up dolls
  8. many of the Chinese restaurants are run by the Chinese mob and many of the workers are endentured servants smuggled into the country. glad you are ok and hope you get the bike fixed and are back up and riding in no time.
  9. Picked it up yesterday.. pretty cool..he's getting me a front grip also. no clue what i'll do with it after I shoot it a couple times.. I only have about 5 guns, but I'm going buy a gun safe since I'm on the road so much. Sams has one for $600. The same one is $1400 at Wal Mart and $1000 to $1500 online..
  10. I disagree...Eddie is a dumb ass.. but he's our dumb ass! haha..jk
  11. I won't get into this one too deep with the exception of saying that a Republican controlled congress wont help anything. And one party having Congress and the Presidency would be the worst thing that could happen. Unfortunately, with the political environment of our Country --the goal of any politician is simply to say the opposite of the other party and use every circumstance to get re-elected, gridlock is the best outcome. And don't mention the Judicial branch... justice obviously isn't blind if a person's political ideology matters to their ability to be a judge. To say one ideology h
  12. yeah.. I'm picking it up tomorrow. I'll let Danny know 'bout it.
  13. its clear as day to me... forget about the "D's" and "R's" behind the name. Single term limits. Staggered so there's not complete chaos. Then you get rid of the career politicians. Go in. Vote your conscience. Do your good/bad and get the hell out.
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