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  1. Yea, but the new 02indianspiritrider is a bad-ass mutha-fucker.
  2. What do you mean collide? That fucking thing would be like a garbage disposal and swallow up those little matchbox cars!
  3. Thats some funny shit ,Bear, my dogs were acting strange too , wimpering and whining!
  4. I felt it , it was about 75 miles a way , just a little rumblin , no damage here, not sure about there, it was near Shandon ! BlingBling probably felt it bigger than me!
  5. "Bury the bike in the garage, for the winter" ? Maldev , what is he talking about, we dont do things like that in California , I'm at a loss?
  6. The only way an Indian wont win is if the Judges are Hadley-Donaldson riders!
  7. Actually mentions Stellican in a small article , it doesnt look as though they really care though! Also a guy asks for help on his pp100 , they referred him to Blackhawk , but couldnt give any other advice ! I dont even own a pp100 and yet because I'm a member of the IIRA , I know a hell of alot about the engine and its issues . When ever I see an Indian rider at an event I give him the straight scoop ............................................about the IIRA , and let him know we are there and care!
  8. Hey PorkChop dont you know that Democrats never concede? Just look at poor little Al Gore , he has never conceded ! And Skielty wont either ! "Im the only one who's right and rest of you are wrong" , thats there thinking. Prove to me something Skielty and I'll concede my point of view was wrong , but so far you havent shown me shit , other than the "flip-flop" spin there your leader throws out! Ill give you this much , I'd vote for you before I voted for Kerry , at least you stick by your story (even if its flip-flop story)!
  9. But what about the gay hispanic man , now your going after him on two fronts (fronts .lol!)
  10. why not do like the Kerryites want and let the french and germans have a piece of the pie , then we can let there commanders control our troops ! I wonder how long Michael Moore could survive in Iraq , you think the terrorists would realize he's a celebrity and let him keep his head, not!
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