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  1. Happy Thanksgiving I don't ride much anymore, but I still have a high opinion of you miscreants. Might even meet a few of ya eventually. Meanwhile, enjoy your families, immediate and extended, an' keep the rubber side down.
  2. If black lives really matter so much, then why is it that 90% of black homicides ate perpetrated by blacks? Yeah, no reply needed.
  3. How the hell does a tire go concave, and ready to blow? I can't picture it. Are you trying to describe broken belts?
  4. Went last year. I'm just not that crazy about stop n go traffic.
  5. I was hoping to see a post about a cup of coffee meeting a keyboard. Heal up. Order some parts.
  6. Get some help with the final arrangements. It's not something you want to deal with last minute, in dispair. And God willing, the plans can be cancelled if her docs can pull a rabbit out of their hat. As a widower myself, you have my deepest sympathy. It would seem that some ills just can't be cured.
  7. When a candidate comes along who says he will shut down the federal reserve, press charges against the lot for treason, having willfully destroyed our currency (and profiting thereby), then you have found a candidate whom is interested in addressing this country's greatest problem. But hey, at least Trump is thumbing his nose at political correctness. That's a move in the right direction.
  8. And I thought you were a bunch of tough bikers. Just shoot some 151. Anything bad will get sterilized. Besides, they probably keep in in pure alcohol. I'd do it just to shame the rest of ya.
  9. I saw a video on this, dunno if it was the same folks. They had a functional test mule, getting ridiculous mpg gains. They were planning to add an air tank, use compression for breaking, and then use the compressed air to start the vehicklle moving. Probably an improvement of 50% in stop and go traffic.
  10. Oh yah, today I shook the wood chips off the bike bag. Next time I run the chain saw I'll face the other way. I might learn slow, but I do learn.
  11. I just unplugged the charger on the bike, to charge the battery in the chevelle. Hope that helps.
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