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    Riding,  New Experiences across our great country,  Meeting and getting to know people - Especially Iron Indians,  Others but you need to get to know me!!!!

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  1. Find "REAL BIKERS" at Starbucks... clickit (below)... Starbuck Gang Killings - be careful out there!
  2. Hellooooo....IMC!

  3. Happy 4th of JULY EVERYONE!!!!

  4. Been doing some research for a 5,000 miler I am undertaking this summer. I came across this while cruising the 'net. No commentary from me - just smiles and chuckles...LOL How to Travel on a Harley
  5. Geez Pat that one is easy - bringthem along!!! Can't think of anything better when you get home stateside that hanging out in the Santa Cruz mountains in a great place with a bunch of great people. Doesn't matter if they ride or not - I think we have a few that may just be making the trip - it is beautiful every time we have one of these rides...well, you know!!! LOL Besides - I for one - and I know a lot of Iron Indians would love to personally thank him for his service!!!
  6. Well we finally got it done!!! Hope to see you at the 2010 CCIIRA RUMBLE RIDE!!! WOOHOO!!! 2010 CCIIRA RUMBLE RIDE ANNOUNCEMENT CLICK HERE
  7. Uhhhh whatdya mean what happened to those day? Somebody forget to tell me sumpthin?
  8. I laughed when I read this article from USA today. Today we had Sebeluis tell us we MUST take the swine flu vaccine - huh. I was thinking about taking it (one of Penny's school kids she worked with last year died of it yesterday - doesn't seem to have hit the press - hmmmmmm.....) - but maybe if she is that insistent I should think twice - any gov't official THAT assertive raises my alarms. And now Napolitano telling Sherriff Joe Arpaio that he must STOP patrols for illegal aliens. If you read the story though - 'ol Sherriff Joe seems to have a few other statutes he can op
  9. From here: Israel gets two more German submarines (AFP) – 6 days ago JERUSALEM — Israel has taken delivery of two German submarines ordered four years ago, a military spokesman said on Tuesday. "We have received two Dolphin-class submarines built in Germany," he said, on condition of anonymity. The submarines, called U212s, can launch cruise missiles carrying nuclear warheads, although when it confirmed the sale in 2006 the German government said the two vessels were not equipped to carry nuclear weapons. The subs were ordered in 2005 and delivery was initially expected in
  10. HBD Chris - hope you're having fun and you got your tires situation worked out. And - as much as I like the Cherry - go for the Peach...hehehe
  11. Thanks - I hadn't seen this. Went through part of that area early last month. Beautiful - but you could be "not found" .....forever possibly. I just posted a link to this out on a Goldwing site that has about 30,000 members as well. I know at least a dozen of them that rode much of that recently.
  12. They won't like that - maybe he should rethink before spending any more Trillions of dollars (I understand that MUCH of the "stimulus" money is unspent at this time - mostly because it dioesn't exist) and having us in the position of having China hold more callable loans.
  13. Geez those guys are amazing. The pilots, the plane configurations, the people, the planned assault on the fires - just amazing. Man you gotta have some moxy to repel down into a hot zone. Hats of to the guys and gals that help us with the asshats that invent some reason to play with matches in the countryside. I loved that Angeles Crest Highway too - maybe when I isit Mom for her 70th - I'll see what I can. The good news is - as we saw in an amazing way in Yellowstone this year - it will come back - the wild that is. Just sorry for the folks that suffered from that (the station fire).
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