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  1. Wish I could have made this one, but unfortunately life once again got in the way. Have a great time and be safe out there.
  2. Hasbin gonna need pictures of that...guess I can always ride up to Tyler to take one when you come down.
  3. I'm sorry Brother just read of this today, my deepest condolences. My your grief in time be filled with sweet memories of the lives you got to share.
  4. May the road go on forever, may you always find your way home, and may the freedom you feel today be an inspiration to those that follow.
  5. I won't say I will never part with my 00, but it is highly unlikely, too much of me in that bike, and if I only take her out in parades well at least she will get out and about.
  6. Happy b-day hope it was great, I'm right behind you, still got a few months to go
  7. In Texas we have a saying "one riot, one Ranger"...
  8. Hey where you been hiding, gonna have to drive out to see you and show you my new ride
  9. my God man 28 degrees in November, you must live on the dark side of the moon...
  10. We got a saying in Texas "Come and take it", now just how many preachers you want to hold in contempt of court?
  11. This is FiremanDave posting from ME554, yep our city actually put a special (old) medic on standby and outfitted it with stuff that we could spare if the CDC decided to quarantine it, if and when we ever have to transport an Ebloa Patient. I asked them if they were gonna staff it with folks they could spare, and they said yes, so looks like I'm married to this thing for the duration. Are we being told the truth? are we ever?. My main concern is that it would seem that the powers that be are thinking that folks are gonna come right out and tell us they have Ebola, Lying to the Para-Medic is a
  12. After hearing how this happened it is amazing that both of them did not suffer more serious injuries. glad to see they are on the mend.
  13. Hasbin sounds like my Dog Lucky a Ausie Mix that we rescued from a shelter that was loosing it's lease, the wife picked him out while I was on duty, and when I went to get him I seriously did not think he would survive the trip home, malnourished and sickly as he was. They told us he was 3 but I don't know his feet even grew as we nursed him back to health and we had him 16 years almost to the day we brought him home. He survived 3 of his playmates and helped raise a litter of pups (not his) a year before we had to say goodbye. He developed nerve damage in his hips, we had him on meds for a
  14. Hasbin, from a guy that has both a Pack and a Pride, I understand the both the crushing weight of loosing a four footed friend, and the joy when that hole in the heart has room for one more.
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