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  1. Steve, Ya relay need to start drinkin again !!!!! if you think that statement is true, we need to talk face to face...Fact !!!!! I thought for "once" this might be worth cutting and pasting .... "So now I'm just saying...corners, boys and girls. Now "come out swinging at the bell." Time for a disengagement action...let's let THIS horse die and make glue out of it. Hey, gotta find the silver lining in every cloud!" Bring it on
  2. If it is FACT, why is the other side not able to say there piece here then???? FACT !!!! Both sides is open discussion. One side is just that...
  3. I'm older than dirt too,,,,, That way I cant remember who I was pissed off at yesterday (unless they remind me), BTW, ED was askin how the Centennial is ????
  4. Multiple personality's ????? Probably just password Alzheimer...
  5. Arnold's single now, and not gov anymore?? Chiefs, drinks, cegars, and Noel's??? hhmmm??
  6. What I understand about the new EPA is it goes by production #. Im no expert on that but, if the # are low they dont have to comply as fast. So if Pluis keeps it as a separate entity They may not have to bight the bullet as soon. HD is going to have to go to the V Rod motor for all there bike before long. The shit economy may help delay that for a while but, all bikes will have to be water cooled or somthin different soon, just to meet EPA .. HD saw it comming and why do you think they spent the money developing the VRord motor???? I already got some older bikes that are water cooled a
  7. I had a funny thought, at least in my warped head it was. If JW did get the name, Meet the new CEO......
  8. For my 2 cents.. Ya really notice it on the cream..... The bags dont match the line of the pipes at the bottom and the stripes dont line up anywhere ???????
  9. Half way is probably ( I'm guessing, didnt do the math) around Medford Or so ??? Gonna rain all next week so that sounds like a good time to do it??? LOL GI. If it happens Ill meet ya at the 1/2 way point and ride OR with ya... Just to make sure ya dont cheat...LOL
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