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  1. This shows you how far out of it I am. I literally have no idea how any of these girls are.
  2. Yes 1 week on the eCigs and that is improved. Went with the girls on a 5 mile bike ride yesterday - and it was not a motorbike. A real pedal job Eating almonds instead of Milk Duds Got on the treadmill today and did a mile on it. Life changes....
  3. Also, in agreement with you as their level of concern was not concerned at all. Quite the opposite. But, I will never forget him telling the other Dr. to close the door so they could speak to me in private. I literally felt like Samantha on her way to get her HIV results. That was a king shit awful moment to be sure.
  4. Yep Mark, it is something about those invitro moms catching us old farts and wanting us to stick around. Got the same exact thing. So here is what the pulminologist and radiologist said - 1 month is not enough time to discern anything - additionally insurance will throw a monumental tantrum if I try to schedule anything before the 3 month window is up. To his credit, he did leave the decision for a biopsy or 2nd CT scan or the 3 month wait up to me. After digesting all of their input I opted for the 3 month baseline method. After a couple of quick kisses last night with Handan befo
  5. That's the thing I told my wife - I will make a fine looking corpse cause I don't feel less than $100. Ya know the part that is just killin me? I love... no, that is not a strong enough word.... adore - yeah, I adore smoking. I love the taste, the relaxation, the action of it. It is literally the act of rolling on the throttle and hearing the pipes for me. Each and every single time I light up, I adore it. Goddamn they are killing me.
  6. So the 2 Dr.s come in, first turns to the other and says "Could you shut the door behind you so we can have some privacy?" Without a hitch I stood up and said "Oh, I apologize, let me wait out in the hallway till you are done" That is a chill down your spine moment... So, at this point it is undetermined scar tissue in my middle lobe on the right side. The CT scan on the 4th of Nov. gives them 3 months for a baseline to work off of. He is strongly convinced it is simply scar tissue from an unknown injury so is not worried about the future. Smoking (cough cough) weight (pant pan
  7. Threw you there didn't I? Probably have put 2000 miles on it this summer. 1500 of those are more than likely due to old vets, kids, grandmothers, and first timers who either remember Indians or like them. Oldest person I ever took was 94. His sons had to lift him onto the back and away we went. Have done a lot of connecting with people over the years because of that little bike. And don't even get me started on the POW.... It was great to see you both. I was hoping you would make it by the cruise that night. Thanks again for swinging by.
  8. Man, did you ever miss out on meeting Wilson. When he came out to the resort he was beginning to freak me out over his lusting of my neighbors Osage trees, telling me all of the ways he could cut that one down and make a beautiful longbow from it. One in particular really caught his fancy and I was stressing like hell would actually cut the thing down at the first IRIP. Congrats on your 32 years together, that is something for sure.
  9. I am probably going to get slaughtered for this... but here goes. One of the main reasons I quit going to country and western bars was because of the "redneck" ness of it. Honest to God my last time in one a kid comes up to me at 23:45 (that's 11:45 p.m. for you civvies) and tells me "Ders gonna be a fight outside in 20 minutes. Who's side yew gonna be on? My side or hizzin side?" Snortin beer outta my nose I told him "I'll be right there with ya. I'll meet you there in 30 minutes" And with that he shouts "Yeah!" and pumps his fists running off to gather up his next "buddy". Total
  10. Good on ya Ken. Have fun with it and make it how you want it.
  11. "Can't be IMRG if you are IIRA..." ? LOL - seriously? What in the fuck would that have to do with anything? Jesus Christ - they are motorcycles, not wives and ex-wives.
  12. Ah hahaha ha ha You guys are a riot. The Chief is back and running and is getting plenty pampered now. And yes, it is running good. Did a lot of work to it over the winter months. Only 1 thing does not work on it now and that is the odometer. Turn, crack, fire, drive.
  13. I don't think there is any doubt from all who were here that next year will be hotter. Pretty much a guarantee. This year we had 2 riders call and say that bad weather was forcing them to turnaround on the way here and head back home. The whole riding in hail and sleet kind of killed it for them.
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