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    1956 Indian Tomahawk
    1968 BSA 441 Shooting Star
    1999 Black Chief #882
    -- 99INDYN
    2001 Black Centennial Scout #167
    -- 01INDYN
    2004 Prototype 240 Scout #1
    -- 04INDYN
    2005 Indian Boardtrack Racer #1
    2014 Chieftain #555 -- 14INDYN
    2015 Scout -- 15INDYN

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    56 Indian Tomahawk, 68 BSA Shooting Star, 99 Black Chief, 01 Black Centennial Scout, 04 Prototype 240 Scout, 05 Indian Boardtrack Racer, 2014 Chieftain, 2015 Scout, and a 67 Mouse
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    Los Angeles, CA

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  1. One of the originals and old-timers for sure.
  2. At least something is going your way. Sorry to have read about all your trials and tribulations.
  3. please disregard my message about resetting my password.  

  4. hmmmm. That's a year I don't have...Have to check my garage.
  5. He's obviously looking to buy one from one of the lot that bought these, garaged them, and let them get covered in dust like the treadmill in the corner of their garage and not someone who's been riding it since 99. There are some out there but I doubt they're on this forum. Good luck in the search.
  6. Avoid Orange County Indian. Lot's of problems with that shop. BluChief can fill a book about that. They are under new management in the service department but I haven't heard anyone singing their praises. I took my Chieftain down to San Marcos and they were great. They were on time (early, in fact) found the source of a problem Indian OC couldn't, and had me out the door. I've heard fair things about Redlands as well but haven't gone there yet. None of them will work on Gilroy bikes. All claim that getting parts of the bikes is more expensive than it's worth to them.
  7. We're around but a lot of people have retired and moved on. No dealerships here either.
  8. I found a Tahoe Chief (with the space) and the email of sxxxxxxxxxxxs@gmail.com Fill in the Xs. I can reset the password and it should send you a notice to that email. Let me know.
  9. Good to hear things are moving forward swiftly and properly! And...you've always been abnormal in my book. 😁
  10. That's perfect. When I had my spinal surgery I sought out the same here in LA. I interviewed nearly a dozen surgeons, compared their techniques, what they suggested and what they said my outcome would be before I decided. I even walked out of one surgeon's office after he kept me waiting for 45 minutes in an exam room without anyone walking in. Funny thing is the next surgeon I interviewed with I related to him my previous interviews including walking out of the one right before. He picked up the phone, called that doc, and had him apologize for wasting my time. Turned out the surgeon I
  11. Good luck with your surgery. As most have suggested, research your surgeon and his successes and failures. Make sure you are comfortable with them and that they put you at ease.
  12. Merry Christmas to all from the City of Angels!
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