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  1. Is there an active group in L A? I mean with all Indian years. Seems like this group has died.
  2. Looks to me this topic has grown into a hate group. If you want a separate government try a revolution like in Syria and the middle east. This election is bringing out alot of good and bad issues which the government needs to deal with. I am not in favor of either candidate, but I think cooler heads need to prevale. But the hatred attacks are not what WE as a country should be accepting. Let the voting began, feel free to attack me verbally with this statement. But I am a very strong believer in the 2nd Amenment.
  3. A father and son's collection of more than 400 motorcycles, gathered over decades, is now a museum in a former lumber warehouse in Newburgh, N.Y http://nyti.ms/vvBK4W Anyone been there?
  4. Nope, went there to ski. Skied one day in the Patagonia mountains, then we watched it rain for three days. Spend a few days in Buenos Aires and three days at Iguazu Falls, one of the largest water falls in the world.
  5. Guess we missed the smoke along the coast here. We didn't smell a thing while we were in Argentina. Hope everyone is OK.
  6. Where do you find this stuff????????????????
  7. Two co-workers of mine where evacuated from Yorba Linda, the men stayed overnight while the families left. Got a call from one this morning, he was able to save his. Haven't heard from the other. Also, another co-worker was evacuated from Carbon Canyon last night and as of now doesn't know if his house was saved or not. I have offered my truck and help for anyone who needs it, but the authorities are not allowing anyone into theses areas unless you happen to get there early.
  8. If you get hung up at LAX, we are just a few minutes away.
  9. Has anyone been invited to the Hells Angels 60th anniversary on Good Friday at their club house in San Bernardino?
  10. Robert, I ride up there with someday if ya want to shoot mine.
  11. No!!!!!! He was the one watching the naked guy.
  12. Just watched the L A news at 6 PM, Saw Danny Flucke (fugbckt) in a interview about a Naked guy in Huntington Beach. Now he's a fu-kin celebrity, not even in his own mind.
  13. Damn, I really didn't think we were ugly. But maybe Chief riders are just too damn cool for the show!!!!!!!! Oh well, they'll just have to catch me riding alone and then pay me royalties.
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