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  1. If I remember right the only people that liked the skirtless Kings Mountain was the bosses...and the HD converts that would not let go....I think they were the worse selling models in lineup. They may be selling in droves now but other than name why would you buy an Indian that looks just like your Harley....well unless you were a Drifter guy and used to being one thing and dressing up another....transvendored!!!!!
  2. not at all.....but I wont give up that easy. Got too much I want to do still...
  3. I am dealing with partial rotator cuff tear and bicep tendonitis and frozen shoulder....they wanted to cut the tendon and let the bicep free like Elway and Favre had done...I went for second opinion and got a shot and physical therapy...go back for follow up on Tuesday to see what he thinks for next step. whiskey helps.
  4. I loved it when he said he talked to Trump and was asked to kick the russians ass for disrespecting him...hahahaha....and he needed more cardio. How you been buddy....????
  5. sorry to hear...you could have gone a little west and taken 85 to 26 back to 95....just couple small detours and better riding than staying on interstate. take care.
  6. There is absolutely no damage to anything in Charleston area or south of us. All of the damage is Georgetown County (flooding) and north through Wilmington. Dont let the reports from NC members scare you...Charleston, Hilton Head, Edisto, Savannah....totally unscathed. I did not even have any rain until the storm was almost in NC and then was just a slow drizzle. Been sunshine and blue skies since.
  7. PRICES are HOT! HOT! HOT! Get yours now.... The new SMOKE SIGNALS edition will be at your dealer in 3 days. Feel the heat of the open plains, smell the smoke of a thousand nights of drums and war dances. Buy your limited edition SMOKE SIGNAL Chief now while supplies last!
  8. yeah he was one of the undersung bowyers that helped make Bear Archery what it was... He also built bows for olympic archers and was told he provided the bows for movie Last of the Dogmen with Tom Beringer. I cant remember if he told me that or someone at the shop told me that when I lived in Sumter. I shot with him when I bought my first bow and got to shoot with him about once a year when he would come to our Traditional Archery Shoot in Sumter at the Boy Scout Camp every year...he was a hell of a shot up until the end...and sure loved to shoot some pigs. http://sportingclassicsdaily.co
  9. I bought my first recurve around 1991(still have it) from Mr Owen Jeffery when his shop was still on Pepper Street. He was a bowyer for Fred Bear and then worked for Shakespeare until they closed shot. He bought their forms and presses and started his own company there in Pepper Street shop. RIP Mr. Owen, you were one in a million.
  10. There was also an Indian Archery company few decades ago... pretty good bows. http://www.rmsgear.com/bows/recurves/?brand=158827
  11. anybody had contact with Brad Lawrence, Chiefin, Frank Aliano, etc?
  12. been using picturetrail for years...i have to pay since I have so many pics on it...but a good alternative for moment.
  13. I used to keep it to myself but always thought I was the only one that would not sit with back to door in public.....was always thinking about if someone came in doors to rob where are the exits, what are my cover areas for protection vs concealment, what am I carrying (pistol, knife, both) or would I have to use something from vicinity such as table ware, pen, chopsticks, pencil, etc.........what is my ability to launch from seating area to either side to slam someone against wall or floor and immediately start direct action against them with available items....where would I direct my wife or
  14. hahaha...nunchucks so I can beat the hell out of myself and save the bad guy the effort....hahahahahaha I am far better off with a stout dense stick about 4 feet long...haha
  15. For now happy with my boys.... West German made P226 9mm, P229 .45 and P239 357SIG/40SW next will likely be P239 for shorts, pockets and ankle....and then next likely Ruger Toklat for my longbow hunt on Kodiak island next year or year after.
  16. SIG 1911 Nightmare Carry...if money was no object. or SIG P229 Legion but would get in 357SIG or 40SW....
  17. Good point Ken..... while I may agree everyone has a right to a weapon...I believe concealed carry is the prudent option in a society where open carry of weapons is not practiced or accepted. It only makes you a target... Keep it concealed until you are ready to take action. No time for warning shots or waving it around....all you are doing is making yourself a target and now those around you have no protection. I am not sure how many others do this...but I spend a considerable amount of time planning attacks with a pocket knife in defense...not standing there facing off but a quick viole
  18. I stopped using all reloads to be honest. There was a savings in cost and increase in accuracy for most people back in the day but in todays age unless you are loading thousands of rounds at a time....better to buy surplus bulk loads for rough practice and buy high quality rounds specifically for self defense when your life depends on it. So your seating depth is within spec for the .45? ....I have shot 230gr ball ammo out of my SIG P220 without a failure for past 15 years but typically use 185gr for my self defense loads and routinely a +P rating. The only SIG I have ever had an issue
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